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you would like to implement BitLocker to encrypt data on a hard disk even it if it is moved to another system. You want the system to boot automatically without providing a start-up key on an external USB device. What should you do

enable TPM in the Bios

you want to protect date on hard drives for users with laptops. You want the drive to be encrypted and you want to prevent the laptops from booting unless the special USB drive is inserted. In addition the system should not boot if it changes detected in any of the boot files. What should you do?

Implement BitLocker with TPM

which of the following security measures and Crips entire contents of a hard drive

Drive lock

you want a security solution that protects entire hard drive from pratense access even if the drive is moved to another system. Which solution would you choose


UBS BitLocker to implement full volume encryption on a notebook system. The Notebook motherboard does not have a TPM chip so you’ve use an external USB drive to store the BitLocker startup key. Which system components are encrypted in the scenario?

-C:\ volume -Master boot record

you use BitLocker to implement full volume encryption on the notebook system The Notebook motherboard to not have a TPM chip so you use an external flash drive to store the BitLocker startup key you use EFS to encrypt the C:\secrets folder and its contents. Which of the following is true in the scenario?

-by default only the user who encrypted the C:\Secrets\confidential.docx file will be able to open it – if the C:\secret\confidential docx file is copy to an external USB flash drive it will be saved in an unencrypted state

which of the following Security Solutions would prevent a user from reading a file that she did not create


you create a new document and save it to a hard drive on a file server on your company’s Network. The new employee decryption tool to encrypt a file using AES. The secretary is an example of accomplishing word security goal?


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