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which of the following protocols uses port 443?


you are purchasing a hard disk from an online retailer over the internet. what does your browser use to ensure that others cannot see your credit card number on the internet?


IPsec is implemented through two separate protocols. what are these protocols called?


which of the following network layer protocols provides authentication and encryption services for IP-based network traffic?


which of the following protocols are often added to other protocols to provide secure transmission of data?


what is the primary function of the IKE protocol used with IPsec?

create a security association between communicating partners

which of the following protocols can TLS use for key exchange?

-RSA -Diffie Hellman

which of the following is a secure alternative to FTP that uses SSL for encryption?


which of the following tools allow for remote management of servers?

-SSH -telnet

which protocol does HTTPS use to offer greater security in web transactions?


which TCP/IP protocol is a secure form of HTTP that uses SSL as a sublayer for security?


telnet is inherently insecure because of its communications is in plaintext and easily intercepted. which of the following is an acceptable alternative to telnet?


SSL (secure socket layer) operates at which layer of the OSI model?


when using SSL authentication, what does the client verify first when checking a server’s identity?

the current date and time must fall within the server’s certificate validity period

you want to allow traveling users to connect to your private network through the internet. users will connect from various locations, including airports, hotels, and public access points such as coffee shops and libraries. as such, you own’t be able to configure the firewalls that might be controlling access to the internet in these locations. which of the following protocols would be most likely to be allowed through the widest number of firewalls?


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