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You have configured your Windows systems to automatically backup user data every night ad midnight. You also take a system image pack up once a month. (Select two)

Store a copy of all back up off-site. Regularly test restoration procedures.

Why should backup media be stored offsite?

To prevent the same disaster from affecting both the system as well as its associated backup media.

You need to protect user data on a Windows 7 System. (Select two)

Previous Versions Backup and Restore

You are the IT technician for your company. All of the machines that you are managing are running Windows 8.1. You have been asked to ensure that the user data on these machines is protected.

File History

You need to protect the user data on a Windows 10 system.

Backup and Restore File History

You need to configure File History to automatically delete any stored snapshots that are older than 1 month.

Advanced Settings.

Even if you perform regular backups, what must be done to ensure that you are protected against data loss?

Regularly test restoration procedures.

To protect user data on a Windows 7 system, you’ve configured System Restore to automatically crate restore point for the C:\ Volume.

No, you need to crate a backup of your user data as well.

System Restore is currently disabled for all volumes on a Windows 10 system. You need to enable System Protection for the C: Volume.


A File you have been working on for several days was corrupted when you shut your Windows 7 system down uncleanly. You want to restore a previous version of the file, overwriting the existing file that has been corrupted.


To protect a Windows 8.1 system, you’ve configure System Restore to automatically protect your system using restore points. Will this adequately protect the user data on the system?

No, you need to enable File History.

You have used System Restore to automatically protect your Windows 10 system using restore points. You have also configure File History to protect your user’s data files.

Your workstation is not adequately protected. You need to create an image of your Windows system as well.

As an IT technician for your company and find that most of the Windows systems you support have recovery partitions.

The recovery partition can be used to restore the system to its original state when it shipped from manufacturer.

Given that you are using Windows 10 system, in which of the following situation would reverting to a System Restore point be the best option?

You recently installed a new application and now the system behaves erratically.

In which of the following situations would restore from a system image be the BEST option?

You need to restore a Windows system after a catastrophic hard drive failure.

In which of the following situations would restoring from a backup be the best option? (Select Two)

You accidentally deleted several important e-mails and need to restore them. You need to restore several word processing files that were accidentally deleted from your documents.

Your Windows 8.1 system has experienced a serious failure. You decide to use the advance recovery options provided by the operating system to bring the system back to a usable state. During the recovery process, you want to persevere as much data as possible including apps purchased from the Microsoft Store as well as your user’s data files.

Refresh Your PC.

As an IT professional, you have found that some Windows computers don’t always have enough random access memory (RAM) for all the programs a user may try to run. As such you need to ensure that the virtual memory is configured properly.

Location of the paging file Maximum size of the paging file

What is the recommend size of the paging file under normal circumstances on a Windows 10 system wit 8 GB of RAM installed?

Equal to the amount of physical RAM

Which of the following is another name for the paging file?

Virtual Memory

You have been trouble with your laptop crashing. You would like your computer to crate a memory dump file when it crashes.

On the system volume

Which tool would you use to configure the paging file location and size on a Window system?

Advanced System Setting in Control Panel

Give that this Windows 10 system has 16 GB of system RAM and Three hard disks installed, which configuration change could you make to the paging file to increase system performance?

Add paging files to the E: and F: volumes.

A user calls to report a problem. She is trying to install an application on a Windows 10 System, but cannot. In the past, she installed applications on her Windows XP system without any issues. Her user account has always been a member of Power Users group.

Her group membership denies program installation on this operating system.

On a Windows 10 system, which Task Manger tab would you use to adjust the priority given to a specific program?


While browsing the Internet on a Windows 10 workstation, the Internet Explorer browser window hangs and stops responding. Which Task Manager tab would you use to end Internet Explorer?

Details Processes

One of the programs that launch automatically at startup is causing your Windows 10 workstation to lock up. You have examined the Startup folder, and the problem application is not present.

Task Manger

On a Windows 10 system, which Task Manager tab would you use to adjust the priority given to a specific program?


You need to boot a Windows 7 system into Safe Mode. Which key should you press during the system boot to access the Advanced Boot Options menu?

F8 (Pressing F8 button during the system boot brings up the Advanced Boot Options menu.)

You have booted your Windows workstation into Safe Mode and enabled Boot Logging. To which log file is the boot logging information now being written?


Which of the following is the Best way to keep a Windows 10 system from automatically restarting after critical errors occurs?

Use the Disable automatic restart after failure option on the Advanced Setup Options menu

You want to scan the integrity of all protected system files on your Windows 10 system, but not repair them. Which command should you use?

sfc /verifyonly

On day while trying to start your Windows 10 computer, the system display the following error:

Windows couldn’t not start. Could not read from the selected boot disk. Check boot path and disk hardware.

Boot into recovery environment and run the bootrec /rebuildbcd command

You’re troubleshooting a computer running Windows 10. The operating system has halted and a blue screen has been displayed on the monitor with an error message.

Search for the error in Microsoft’s knowledgebase

To fix the issue you do following:

1. Boot the system from Windows 10 installation DVD

2. Access the Recovery Environment

3. Open a command Window

bootrec /fixmbr

To fix the issue you do following:

1. Boot the system from Windows 7 installation DVD

2. Access the Recovery Environment.

3. Open a Command Window

Bootrec /fixboot

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