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Which component within a tablet device measures acceleration horizontally and vertically at the same time?

Gyroscope Explanation A gyroscope within a tablet device measures the vertical and horizontal orientation of the device. Accelerometer is also called a g-sensor. It detects the physical movements of the tablet by measuring its linear acceleration in one dimension. An attitude indicator is a type of gyroscope that is used in airplanes.

Which mobile device architecture is used by Apple iPad devices running the iOS operating system?

ARM Explanation Most tablet devices, such as the iPad, use theARM architecture. ARM is more power-efficient and less expensive to manufacture than x86. Android also runs primarily on ARM. The x86 architecture is used on some tablet PCs. It is compatible with standard x86 PC hardware and software, which allows the device to run operating systems such as Windows. Some newer versions of Android can also run on the x86 architecture. x86-64 and Intel64 are architectures used in desktop and notebook PCs.

You currently use the Thunderbird email client on your desktop PC. You use it to connect to an email server provided by a service provider using the IMAP and SMTP protocols. You recently purchased an iPad and want to configure its Mail app to connect to your email server. Can you do this?

Yes, you can configure the Mail app on an iPad to connect to an email server using the IMAP and SMTP protocols. Explanation Yes, you can configure the mail app on an iPad to connect to any e-mail server reachable over the network using the IMAP or POP3 and SMTP protocols. It also supports server connections that are secured using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security. It can also connect to mail accounts hosted by large service providers, such as Gmail.

You use productivity apps on your iPad tablet device while traveling between client sites. You’re concerned that you may lose your iPad while on the road and want to protect the data stored on it from being compromised. Currently, your iPad uses a 4-digit PIN number for a passcode. You want to use a more complex alpha-numeric passcode. You also want all data on the device to be erased if the wrong passcode is entered more than 10 consecutive times. What should you do?

Disable the Simple Passcode option Enable the Erase Data option. Explanation To use a complex alpha-numeric passcode, you must disable the Simple Passcode option under Settings>General. To cause all data on the device to be erased if the wrong passcode is entered more than 10 consecutive times, you must enable the Erase Data option located in the same screen. The Require Passcode option is enabled automatically regardless of what type of passcode you have configured. The Restrictions option is used to restrict access to specific apps. There’re no Complex Passcode and Wipe Drive options on an iPad.

Which feature allows a tablet to recognize multiple finger touches at the same time?

Multi-touch Explanation Most tablet devices use a capacitive touch screen interface, meaning that it requires conductive material, such as your finger tip, for input. Capacitive touch screen provide multi-touch capabilities, which allows the tablet to recognize multiple finger touches at the same time. Gyroscopes and accelerometers are used to detect acceleration of the device. Most modern tablets do not use resistive touch screens, which aren’t able to provide multi-touch capabilities.

You just purchased an iPad tablet device. You want to synchronize your photos, music, email, and contacts from your Windows 7 PC to the device. How can you connect the device to the PC?

USB cable Wi-Fi wireless connection Explanation An iPad can be connected to a Windows 7 PC in three different ways: – USB cable. -Wi-Fi wireless connection. – Bluetooth wireless connection. The iPad does not support wired Ethernet connections, serial connections, or Firewire connections.

Which type of mobile device are fitness tracker wrist bands, smartwatches, smartglasses, and virtual reality headsets.

Wearable devices Explanation Wearable devices are a type of mobile device meant to be worn somewhere on the body. These devices range from being as simple as a fitness tracker wrist band to as complex as smartglasses or virtual reality headsers. Most wearable devices are designed to interface with another device. For example, a smartwatch by itself has a limited set of functionality: however, smartwatches are designed to connect to smartphones using Bluetooth. Doing this unlocks additional functionality, such as reading texts or answering phone calls through the smartwatch.

Closed source and second most popular mobile device operating system.


Device manufacturers are countless


Open source and most popular mobile device operating system.


Device manufacturers include Microsoft, Samsung, and HTC.


Devices solely designed and developed by Apple.


Closed source and second least popular mobile device operating system.



The following mobile device operating systems are commonly available with the following feature highlights: Android – Is open source, the leader in mobile device operating systems. – Google Play Store has the most mobile apps. – Android manufacturers are countless, including Samsung, Song, HTC, LG, Motorola, etc. iOS – Is closed source, second in mobile device operating systems. – Close competitot to Google in AppStore mobile app count. iOS devices or iPhones are solely designed and developed by Apple. Windows – Is closed source, far behind Android and iOS in mobile device operating system popularity. – Windows Store has fewest mobile apps. – Microsoft Mobiles (formerly Nokia) are the leading Windows Phone providers. Though Samsung and HTC have launched Windows phone devices in the past. Google is not a mobile device operating system; Google uses the Android operating system.

Which of the following is a mobile technology that can be used to store and transmit encrypted information for purposes such as making payments from a mobile device?

NFC chips Explanation Near field communications (NFC) chips are a wireless mobile technology that can be embedded in credit cards and smartphones for transmitting financial information when making payments. For example, many point of sale devices can read information from NFC chips. NFC chips can also be used in passports to contain identity information.


You work as the IT Administrator for a small corporate network. The receptionist, Maggie Brown, uses an iPad to manage employee schedules and messages. Her email settings on the device are configured to communicate with an IMAP mail server over insecure port 143. Also, you have just deployed a new wireless access point called CorpNet and Maggie needs to connect using the new password. 1. Your fist task is to use the Mail, Contacts, Calendars configuration option to go to Maggie Brown’s email account settings and change the advanced configuration to Use SSL to securely communicate with the IMAP server over server port 993. 2. Your second task is to connect Maggies to the new CorpNet wireless access point through the Wi-Fi configuration. Type in the password, @CorpNetWeRSecure!& for the new Wi-Fi connection.


1. Click on the iPad to access iOS. 2. Click on Settings. 3. Click on Mail, Contacts, Calendars. 4. Click on Maggie Brown Mail, Calendars, Notes. 5. Under GMAIL, click on the Account mbrown@gmail.com. 6. Click Advanced. 7. Under Incoming Settings Select Use SSL. 8. Click on Account to go back. 9. Click on Done to go back. 10. Click on Wi-Fi. 11. Under Choose a Network select CorpNet. 12. Under Password Enter @CorpNetWeRSecure!&. 13. Click Join. 14. Click Done. 15. Click Check Answer. 16. View Lab Report.

Lab Report

Secure IMAP network communications and authenticate to CorpNet Wi-Fi. – Enable SSL for IMAP communications. – Use port 993. – Connect to CorpNet Wi-Fi. Explanation Complete the following steps: 1. Set the email account to use SSL and the secure port 993. – Click Settings. – Click Mail, Contacts, Calendars and click the Maggie Brown account. – Click the mbrown@gmail.com email address. – Click Advanced. -Enable SSL. – Verify the Server Port is set to 993. – Click Account. – Click Done. 2. Connect to CorpNet Wi-Fi. – Click Wi-Fi. – Click CorpNet. – In the password field, enter @CorpNetWeRSecure!& and click Join.

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