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Developers in your company have created a Web application that interfaces with a database server. During development, programmers created a special user account that bypasses the normal security. What is this an example of?


What is another name for a logic bomb?

Asynchronous Attack

Which of the following best describes spyware?

It monitors the actions you take on your machine and sends the information back to its originating source.

What is a program that appears to be legitimate application, utility, game, or screensaver and that performs malicious activities surreptitiously?

Trojan Horse

Which of the following measures are you most likely to implement to protect against a worm or Trojan horse?

Anti-virus Software

Which of the following statements about the use of anti-virus software is correct?

anti-virus software sh0uld be configured to download updated virus definitions files as soon as they become available.

You have heard about a new malware program that presents itself to users as a virus scanner. When users run the software, it installs itself as a hidden program that has administrator access to various operating system components. The program then tracks system activity and allows an attacker to remotely gain administrator access to the computer. Which of the following term best describes this software?


You recently discovered several key files of your antivirus program have been deleted. You suspect that a virus has deleted the files. Which type of virus deletes key antivirus program files?


Which type of virus intercepts system requests and alters service outputs to conceal it presence?


A collection of zombie computers have been setup to collect personal information. What type of malware do the zombie computer represent?


Which of the following describes a logic bomb?

A program that performs a malicious activity at a specific time or after a triggering event.

While browsing the internet, you notice that the browser displays ads that are targeted towards recent keyword searches you have performed. What is this an example of?


Netbus and Back orifice are remote control tools. The allow you to connect to a remote system over a network and operate it as if you were sitting at its local keyboard. Unfortunately these two programs are also examples of what type of security concern?

Backdoor Trojans

What is the main difference between a worm and a virus?

a worm can replicate itself, while a virus requires a host for distribution

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