8.04 Terrorism and Human Rights

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"The threats we face today as Americans respect no nation’s borders. Think of them: terrorism, the spread of weapons of mass destruction, organized crime, drug trafficking, ethnic and religious hatred, aggression by rogue states, environmental degradation. If we fail to address these threats today, we will suffer the consequences in all our tomorrows." — President Clinton, 1996

Which of the following U.S. invasions was President Clinton justifying in this quote?


In 2009, these demonstrators stood in front of the White House bearing the names of Arabs who had died in the War on Terror. Which of the following makes a true statement about the image?

It reflects the public’s decreasing support for the military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan and leadership from the government.

National Counterterrorism Center
Which statement best explains the purpose of this map?

The United States was the target, but the effects of the 9/11 attack were felt worldwide by countries who lost citizens.

The United States invaded Iraq in 1991 and 2003. What was different about these invasions?

In 1991 the goal was to end the takeover of Kuwait, while in 2003 it was to actually remove Hussein from power

Who was responsible for the attack pictured in this image? (9/11)


Which of the following is true about the Palestinian Liberation Organization?

It was responsible for many early airplane hijackings.

Which of the following is true about Rwanda?

One ethnic group tried to eliminate the other in the 1990s, and the world failed to respond with force.

Which of the following makes a true statement about the role of the United States in global human rights policy?

It is a leader in international organizations and peacekeeping missions. However, it has faced foreign criticism for its treatment of terror suspects.

Which of the following is true about concern for "WMDs" in Iraq?

Hussein was a suspected supporter of Al-Qaeda who could have given them nuclear and biological weapons.

What did the United States accomplish during its War on Terror?

successfully removed brutal regimes from power in Iraq and Afghanistan

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