7.5 Routing Troubleshooting

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You have configured a remote access server to accept dial-up connections for remote access clients.

Remote clients are able to connect successfully and access resources on the remote access server. However, the remote clients are not able to connect to other devices located on the same subnet where the remote access server is located.

Which action would likely correct the problem?

Enable proxy arp on the LAN connection for the remote access server.

You are the network administrator of a branch office of your company. The branch office network is part of a WAN that covers most of the United States. The office has two Windows 2000 servers, two UNIX servers, one Windows NT server, 90 Windows 98 clients, 40 Windows 200 Professional clients, and five Macintosh clients.

Users have been complaining that they are unable to access resources over the WAN at the main headquarters. You suspect that one of the routers between your office and the main headquarters is not working properly.

What TCP/IP utility can you use to see if a router is not working properly?


Which TCP/IP utility gives you the following output?

2 14 ms <10 ms 14 ms loopback0.GW1.SLT1.ALTER.Net (


Examine the following output:


While troubleshooting a problem on a Linux system, you run a utility that generates the following output:

Whic of the following utilities were you using?


Which of the following utilities would you use to view the routing table?


Which of the following commands would display the output shown here?

Route print

You have just connected a new computer to your network. The network uses static IP addressing.

You find that the computer can communicate with hosts on the same subnet, but not with hosts on a different subnet. No other computers are have a problem.

Which of the configuration values would you most likely need to change?

Default gateway

You manage a network with multiple subnets connected to the Internet.

A user reports that she can’t access the new server used in the accounting department. You check the problem and find out that her computer cannot access any server on that subnet, however the computer does access other computers on other subnets as well as the Internet.

Which of the following is most likely the cause of the problem?

Missing route on the default gateway router

You manage a network with multiple subnets connected to the Internet.

A user reports that she can;t access the Internet. You investigate the problem and find that she can access all hosts on the private network, but no hosts on the Internet.

Which of the following is likely the cause of the problem?

Missing default route on a router.

You have been recently hired to manage a network for a small company. Prior to your arrival, the entire network was migrated from IPV4 to IPv6.

Each of the two functional groups within the organization has its own network segment that is separated from the other with a router. All network segments with the organization use a /64 prefix, including the point-to-point backbone segment that connects the two routers.

You are concerned that Neighbor Discovery (ND) issues could occur between the two routers on the backbone segment.

Which strategy could you employ to help prevent these issues from occuring?

Use a /127 prefix on the backbone segment

You work for a large, multinational organization that has an extensive global network that is interconnected using WAN links and routers.

Lately, users in one location have complained that they are unable to access resources stored on a server named FS23 in a South American branch office.

To troubleshoot the issue, you have done the following:
-Verified that the server is up and running.
-Verified that the various routers in between the two location sare up and running.

You suspect that perhaps one of the routers between the two locations may be dropping packets. To test this theory, you enter the ping FS23 -F -I 1500 command on your workstation. The ping command returns the following command for each ping packet sent:

"Packet needs to be fragmented but DF set"

What does this mean?

One of the intermediate routers is an MTU black hole.

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