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You run a small network for your business that has a single router connected to the internet and a single switch. You keep sensitive documents on a computer that you would like to keep isolated from other computers on the network. Others hosts on the network should not be able to communicate with this computer through the switch, but you still need to access the network through the computer. What should you use for this situation.


Which of the following best describes the concept of virtual LAN?

Devices on the same network logically grouped as if they were on separate networks.

A virtual LAN can be created using which of the following?


Which of the following solutions would you implement to eliminate switching loops?

Spanning Tree

When configuring VLANs on a switch, what is used to identify VLAN membership of a device?

Switch Port

You manage a network that uses a single switch. All ports within your building connect through the single switch. In the lobby of your building are three RJ-45 ports connected to the switch. You want to allow visitors to plug into these orts to gain Internet access, but they should not have access to any other devices on your private network. Employees connected throughout the rest of your building should have both private and Internet access. Which feature should you implement?


In which of the following situations would you use port security?

You wanted to restrict the devices that could connect through a switch port.

You manage a network that uses switches. In the lobby of your building are three RJ-45 ports connected to a switch. you want to make sure that visitors cannot plug in their computers to the free network jacks and connect to the network. However, employees who plug into those same jacks should be able to connect to the network. What feature should you configure?

Port Authentication

You manage a single subnet with thre switches. The switches are connected to provide redundant paths between the switches. Which feature prevents switch loops and ensure there is only a singe active path between any two switches.

Spanning tree

You are the network administrator for a city library. Throughout the library are several groups of computers that provide public access to the Internet. Supervision of these computers has been difficult. You’ve had problems with patrons bringing personal laptops into the library and disconnecting the network cables from the library computers to connect their laptops to the Internet. The library computers are in groups of four. Each groups of four computers is connected to a hub that is connected to the library network through an access port on a switch. You want to restrict access to the network so only the library computers are permitted connectivity to the Internet. What can you do?

Configure port security on the switch.

You want to increase the security of your network by allowing only authenticated users to be able to access network devices through a switch. Which of the following should you implement?


When configuring VLANs on a switch, what type of switch ports are members of all VLANs defined on the switch?

Trunk ports

Which of the following applications typically use 802.1x authentication?(Select two)

1. controlling access through a wireless access point. 2.controlling access through a switch

Your company is a small start-up company that has leased office space in a building shared by other businesses. All businesses share a common network infrastructure. A single switch connects all devices in the building to the router that provides Internet access. You would like to make sure that your computers are isolated from computers used by other companies. Which feature should you request to have implemented.


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