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Which of the following features on a wireless network allows or rejects client connections based on the hardware address?

MAC address filtering

Which of the following is used on a wireless network to identify the network name?


Which type of configuration would you see if you wanted to deploy 802.11n technology to communicate directly between two computers using a wireless connection?

Ad hoc

Which wireless standard can stream data at a rate of up to 54 Mbps using a frequency of 5 GHz?


Which data transmission rate is defined by the IEEE 802.11b wireless standard

11 Mbps

You are designing a wireless network for a client. Your client needs the network to support a data rate of at least 150 Mbps. In addition, the client already has a wireless telephone system installed that operates 2.4 GHz. Which 802.11 standard will work best in this situation?


Which IEEE wireless standards specify transmission speeds up to 54 Mbps?

802.11g 802.11a

Which of the following are characteristics of the 802.11g wireless standard?

Backwards compatible with 802.11b devices Maximum bandwith of 54 Mbps Operates in the 2.4 GHz

Which of the following is true when the DHCP setting is disabled in a wireless network?

Wireless clients must use a static IP address within the correct IP address range to connect to the network.

Which of the following locations will contribute the greatest amount of interference for a wireless access point?

Near cordless phones Near backup generators

You have been contacted by OsCorp to recommend a wireless Internet solution. The wireless strategy must support a transmission range of 150 feet, use a frequency range of 2.4 GHz, and provide the highest possible transmission speeds. Which of the following wireless solutions would you recommend?


Which of the following wireless networking standards use a frequency of 5 GHz and supports transmission speeds up to 1.3 Gbps?


The 802.11ac wireless networking standard provides increased bandwidth and communication speeds by using which of the following technologies?

Channel bonding to combine more channels in the 5 GHz band to allow for up to 160 MHz wide channels MU-MIMO to allow multiple users to use the same channel

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