5 – Life Insurance Underwriting and Policy Issue

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When does a life insurance contract become effective if the initial premium is not collected during the application process?

When producer delivers policy and collects initial premium

Who is NOT required to sign a life insurance application?


A life insurance application must be signed by all of these EXCEPT


An applicant’s medical information received from the Medical Information Bureau (MIB) may be furnished to the

applicant’s physician

Which of these actions should a producer take when submitting an insurance application to an insurer?

Inform insurer of relevant information not included on the application

Which Federal law allows an insurer to obtain an inspection report on a potential insured?

Fair Credit Reporting Act

K applies for a life insurance policy on herself and submits the initial premium with the application. She is given a receipt by the agent stating that coverage begins immediately if the application is approved. What kind of receipt was used?


On August 6, D submitted an application for a $50,000 Life Insurance policy and did not pay the initial premium. On August 18, D went to his doctor complaining of chest pains and some tests were given by the doctor. The life policy was delivered by the producer on August 20 and D explains what had recently taken place with the doctor. What action should the producer then take?

Collect initial premium along with a signed health statement

An underwriter determines that an applicant’s risk should be recategorized due to a health issue. This policy may be issued with a(n)

exclusion for the medical condition

Which of these factors do NOT play a role in the underwriting of a life insurance policy?

Marital status

When an insurance application is taken by a producer, which of these statements is true?

Any changes made on the application require the applicant’s initials

T applies for a life insurance policy and is told by the producer that the insurer is bound to the coverage as of the date of the application or medical examination, whichever is later. Assuming that T is an acceptable risk, what item is given to T?

conditional receipt

What is being delivered during a policy delivery?

Insurance contract to the proposed insured

Which parts of a life insurance policy are guaranteed to be true?


Before a life insurance policy is issued, which of these components of the contract is required?

Applicant’s signature on application

Which of these do NOT constitute policy delivery?

Policy issued with a rating

An incomplete life insurance application submitted to an insurer will result in which of these actions?

Application will be returned to the writing agent

Any changes made on an insurance application requires the initials of whom?


P is a producer who notices 5 questions on a life application were not answered. What actions should P take?

Set up a meeting with the applicant to answer the remaining questions

Q applied for life insurance and submitted the initial premium on January 1. The policy was issued February 1, but it was not delivered by the agent until February 7. Q is dissatisfied and returns the policy February 13. How will the insurer handle this situation?

Policy was returned within the free-look period, premium will be fully refunded

All of these are considered sources of underwriting information about an applicant EXCEPT

Rating Services

At what time must a policyowner have insurable interest on the insured in order for the life policy to be valid?

At the time of application

Why is an applicant’s signature required on a life insurance application?

To attest that the statements on the application are accurate to the best of the applicant’s knowledge

Which of these terms accurately defines an underwriter’s assessment of information on a life insurance application?

Risk classification

The underwriting process involves all of these EXCEPT for

Policy loan

Consumer reports requested by an underwriter during the application process of a life insurance policy can be used to determine

probability of making timely premium payments

What is the purpose of the U.S.A. Patriot Act?

detect and deter terrorism

From what authority derives the requirement that an insurance application contains a disclosure stating that an investigative consumer report may be obtained on an applicant?

Fair Credit Reporting Act

What action should a producer take if the initial premium is NOT submitted with the application?

Forward the application to the insurer without the initial premium

M completes an application for life insurance but does not pay the initial premium. All of these actions must occur before M’s policy goes into effect EXCEPT

free-look period has expired

In order for coverage on a non-medical insurance application to take effect the same day, the producer must collect a signed application and

the initial premium

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