5 Concepts of Democracy

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Worth of the Individual

Everyone separate and distinct being ->Few Individuals < More Individuals ->People can be forced to do things whether like or not (taxes) ->Serves as interest to many

Equality of all Persons

1. Equality of Opportunity 2. Equality before the Law ->No person should be held back on arbitrary (based on unsupported opinion; random choice) reasons (race, gender) ->Equal people under law

Majority rule, Minority rights

Majority Rule: Majority will be more right than wrong -> More Satisfactory –> Restrained by minority rights —> Fair and lawful means -Gov. looks at satisfactory solutions to solve problems

Necessity of Compromise

-Compromises: Find position most acceptable to largest number -> Process of blending and adjusting competing views and interests Essential b/c: 1. Compromise both views of people and individuals 2. Questions have two sides Not all compromises are good, and not all are necessary

Individual Freedom

Balance of liberty and authority -Authority = Must be adequate ->Authority must not be allowed to become so great that it restricts the individual

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