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Which of the following are optical storage devices? (select 3)


What is the purpose of the small cable that connects an IDE optical drive to the sound card?

Sends CD audio from the optical drive to the sound card

When you try to read a particular DVD-R disc, you receive an error message. Other discs work fine. Which of the following are the most likely problems? (Select 2)

Dirty or scratched disc Incorrect disc format

Which optical media has the greatest storage capacity?

Single layer, single sided blu-Ray disc

You have just finished installing a new hard disk in your computer. Now the DVD drive won’t work. What should you do first?

Make sure the DVD drive cables are connected

You place a new disc in an optical drive then double-click the drive in the operating system’s file browser interface. An error message appears stating that the drive is not accessible. What should you do?

Wait. Then try again.

Due to a blackout, power is no longer coming form the wall outlet and your computer is now off. You do no have a UPS and you need to remove a disc out of the DVD drive. What is the easiest method for retrieving the disc?

Push an unbent paper clip into the hole on the front of the drive

Which Blu-ray standard defines rewritable disks?


You have a CD-RW drive that advertises speeds of 32x/12x/48x. What is the read speed of the drive?


What is the most important consideration when choosing a rewritable DVD drive?

Media compatibility

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