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Which of the following are valid IPv6 IP addresses?

6384:1319:7700:7631:446A:5511:8940:2552 141:0:0:0:15:0:0:1

Which of the following is a valid IPv6 address?


Match the IPv6 address configuration method on the right with it’s definition on the left.

Static Full Assignment: The entire 128-bit address and all other configuration information is statically assigned to the host. Static partial Assignment: The prefix is statically assignment and the interface ID is delivered from the MAC address. Stateless Auto-configuration: Clients automatically generate the interface ID and learn the subnet prefix and default gateway through the neighbor discovery protocol (NDP) Stateful DHCPv6: Provides each client an IP address, default gateway, and other IP configuration Stateless DHCPv6: Supplies the client with the DNS server IP address only. Does not provide the client with an IP address and does not track the status of each client.

Which of the following tunneling methods is used to send IPv4 traffic through an IPv6 network?

4-to-6 tunneling

You manage a network with two locations: Portland and Seattle. Both locations are connected to the Internet. All computers in both locations are configured to use IPv6. You would like to implement an IPv6 solution to meet the following requirements:

Hosts in each location should be able to use IPv6 to communicate with hosts in the other location through the IPv4 Internet.

You want to use a site-to-site tunneling method instead of a host-to-host tunneling method.
Which IPv6 solution should you use?


Which of the following are characteristics of Teredo tunneling?

Works through NAT dual stack hosts tunnel endpoints configured on hosts

You have a special server at work with a custom application installed. Connections to the server that use custom application must use IPv6. The server is currently running IPv4. You are the only person who connects to the server, and you always use your laptop for the connection. Your laptop supports both IPv4 and IPv6. The rest of your company network runs only IPv4. You need a cost effective solution to allow your laptop to connect to the server. Your solution must also support communication through NAT servers. Which method should you use?


You manage a network that uses IPv6 addressing. When clients connect devices to the network, they generate an interface ID and use NDP to leanrthe subnet prefix and default gateway.

Which IPv6 address assignment method is being used?

Stateless auto configuration

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