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Which of the following is a valid IPv4 address? (Select two)

Consider the following IP address.

Class A, Class B, Class B, Class C

Which three of the following IP addresses are Class B addresses?

Which of the following IP addresses have a default subnet mask of (Select all that apply)

What is the default subnet mask for the IP address

A host on the network has an IP address of using tthe default subnet mask. How would you identify the address and mask using CIDR notation?

You manage a subnet that uses the following subnet address: Which of the following best describes how addressing is configured for the subnet?


You manage a server that uses an IP address of 192.168.2555.188 with a mask of Which of the following describes the address type


Which organization is responsible for allocating public IP addresses?


Which of the following best describes the purpose of using subnets

Subnets divide an IP network address into multiple network addresses

You’ve decided to use a subnet mask of on the network to create four seperate subnets. Which network IDs will be assigned to these subnets in this configuration? (Select two)


You have a small network connected to the Internet as shown in the Exhibit. You need to configure the default gateway address on Wrk1 so that it can communicate with hosts on the internet. Which address would you use for the default gateway address?

The IP address assigned to Fa0/0 on Router1

You have a small network with a single subnet connected to the Internet as shown in the Exhibit. The router has been assigned the two addresses shown. You need to manually configure the workstation to connect

IP Address= Subnet Mask= Default Gateway= DNS Server=

You recently created a new network segment for Development. Because the hosts are now on a different network segment, they can no longer contact DHCP server. Both network segments are connected wia a Cisco router. Which of the following would be the best action to take in order to fix the problem?

Implement an IP Helper address on the router

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