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In table 4.2 which of the following is not an example of a potential external threat to a company’s future profitability?

The company’s lack of a well-known brand name

In table 4.2 which of the following is not an example of a potential resource weakness or competitive deficiency that a company may have?

a product offering that is not strongly differentiated from rivals

The three best indicators of how well a company’s present strategy is working are whether

the company is achieving its stated financial and strategic objectives, is an above-average industry performer and is gaining customer and market share

Which of the following statements about company value chains is false?

The activities that comprise a company’s value chain reveal whether a company’s resource strain are well-matched to the industry’s key success factors.

The two most important parts of SWOT analysis are

(1) drawing conclusions from the four SWOT lists about the company’s overall situation and (2) translating these conclusions into strategic actions to better match the company’s strategy to its resource strength and Market opportunity to correct the important weaknesses and to defend against external threats

A potent tool learning which companies are best at performing particular activities and then using their techniques for practices) to improve the cost and/or effectiveness of a company’s own internal (or "best activities is


The value doing a weighted competitive strength assessment is to

learn how the company ranks relative to rivals on of the important factors that determine market success and whether the company has a net competitive advantage or disadvantage key rivals.

To build a competitive advantage by managing rivals in performing value chain activities, a company must

beat rivals in performing value chain activities proficiently (such that it gains a more competitive advantage delivering what customers as a superior product offering) else rivals in performing value chain activities more cheaply (thus achieving a cost-based competitive advantage

in a weighted competitive strength assessment (ike that shown in Table 43), the sum of the weights should add up to


Which of the following is not a means of lowering the otherwise high costs of internally performed value

Implementing an activity based cost accounting system that identifies high-cost activities and then eliminating those activities with the highest costs from the company’s value chain

When a company performs an activity quite well and that activity is central to its strategy and competitiveness, it is said to have

a core competence in performing that activity.

The competitive power of a company resource strength or competitive capability does not hinge on which one of the following?

Whether the strength or capability represents a distinctive competence

Two useful tools for determining whether a company’s customer value proposition, prices, and costs are competitive are

value chain analysis and benchmarking.

Which one of the following is not part of conducting a SWOT analysis?

Determining whether the company’s resource strengths are appropriately matched to the industry’s key success factors

Which of the following is not a component evaluating a company’s resource capabilities relative cost position, and competitive strength versus rivals?

Scanning the environment to determine which company resource strengths offer the best prospects for achieving competitive advantage

In Table 4.2, which one of the following is not an example of a potential market opportunity that a company may have?

A situation where several of the company’s weakest competitors are acquired by one of the company’s strong competitors. thus making it easier to steal away customers of the weak competitors.

The best example of a company strength is

having proven technological expertise and ability to churn new and improved products on a regular basis.

Calculating weighted competitive strength scores for a company and comparing them against the weighted strength scores competitors

helps a company decide what offensive and defensive moves strategic moves to make-which of mpetitive strengths to exploit in winning business away from rivals and which competitive weaknesses to try to correct.

Which one of the following is not a part of determining whether a company’s prices and costs are competitive?

Resource value analysis

which of the following is not accurate as concerns the task of identifying the strategic issues and problems that merit front-burner managerial attention?

Identifying the strategic issues and problems that the company faces is the first thing that company managers need to do before starting to analyze the company’s external environment, resources, and competitiveness.

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