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Masses of people came inside the Parthenon to worship the goddess Athena.


Diego Rivera was so angry that his mural in Rockefeller Center was destroyed that he never re-created it.

mock sea battles

Amongst other entertainments, Roman citizens watched ________ in the Colosseum.

participating in the Panathenaic Festival

Ordinary Athenians are shown ________ on the Parthenon frieze.

a semiprecious stone that has a vibrant blue color

What is lapis lazuli?


Ziggurats were made of what material?

be a temple of spirit, a monument

The Guggenheim Museum in New York City was designed to:


Qin Shi Huangdi ordered construction on his burial complex to begin when he was aged thirteen, and it continued for thirty-six years.

Huitzilopochtli and Tlaloc

The Templo Mayor honored which two gods?

near present-day St. Louis

Where is Monks Mound located?

to heal an individual

Navajo sand paintings are made ________.


The ziggurat at Ur was dedicated to:

the first emperor

A prominent burial mound was built in China for which of the following people?

the sun rise over the Heelstone

People who gathered at Stonehenge on the summer solstice would have seen:

inspired people to make pilgrimages to see them

Holy relics located in churches ________.

stories from Buddha’s life, teachings, and beliefs

The subject matter of Buddhist art consists of ________.


When Buddha was born he sprang miraculously from the sea as a full-grown man.

depict scenes from the book of Genesis, all the others answers

The bronze doors of the Church of Saint Michael’s at Hildesheim, Germany, ________.

because nature is cyclical and the shrine, too, must be renewed and refreshed

Why is the building at Ise Jingu rebuilt every twenty years?

stalactite vaults

Muqarnas are ________.

pagan, Christian, and Jewish Romans used them

Why were the Roman catacombs of sacred importance?

all the other answers

Spirituality encompasses ________.

Gianlorenzo Bernini

Who is the artist of The Ecstasy of St. Theresa?


In traditional African cultures, functional objects were often esteemed as status symbols

linear outlines,
stylized but believable poses,gold backgrounds

Eastern Orthodox icons like The Virgin of Vladimir display similar visual characteristics:

Betye Saar

The artist of Ancestral Spirit Chair is:


When were the walls of Lascaux painted?


What is the medium of the Senufo mother-and-child figure (4.24)?


Who did the Olmec believe possessed the ability to cross the threshold from one world to another?

the battle of the Lapiths and Centaurs

The Greek pediment on the temple dedicated to the god Zeus at Olympia (4.21) depicts a scene from ________.

depicting mothers with their newborn children

Rineke Dijkstra’s series Mothers focuses on ________.


Tierney Gearon is dealing with issues of age and mental illness in The Mother Project.

the kachina doll

The Hopi of the southwestern United States are responsible for making which of the following sculptures?


Which constellation is the arrangement of the Great Pyramids thought to mimic?


The sculpture of the goddess Tlazolteotl giving birth to the maize god (4.40) was made by which culture?

holding scales as if she is weighing her jewelry

What is the woman doing in the painting Woman Holding a Balance?

Andres Serrano

Who is the artist of The Morgue (Gun Murder)?

o give a strong warning to viewers that they should live a virtuous life

Why are the bodies of the damned in the Last Judgment tympanum from the Cathedral of Saint-Lazare so graphically grotesque?


Bis pole sculptures were made by which culture?

in a canopic jar,
being weighed against a feather,as a symbol that he lived an honorable life

In In Hunefer’s book of the Dead, how is his heart depicted?

the bar top,the barmaid
,liquor and wine bottles

What elements have an ambiguous reflection in Édouard Manet’s A Bar at the Folies-Bergère?

the blue envelope

Which part of William Harnett’s The Old Violin is real and not just painted?

Leon Battista Alberti

Who advised artists in his treatise On Painting that paintings should look like illusionary windows?


William Hogarth’s False Perspective demonstrates incorrect applications of the laws of perspective.


Giulio Romano created two unrelated decorative schemes in his designs for the exterior and interior of the Palazzo del Tè in Mantua.

is just a painted illusion

The oculus in Andrea Mantegna’s Camera degli Sposi in the Ducal Palace in Mantua:

Ron Mueck

Ron Mueck

Which artist created a three-dimensional sculpture of his own face?

Zeuxis and Parrhasius

Which two ancient Greek painters were masters of illusion?

he work can be seen again from a different angle

The title of Shigeo Fukuda’s artwork Encore refers to the fact that:


Andrea Mantegna included a peacock, to represent marriage, on the ceiling of the room he painted for the Duke of Mantua.


Roman sculptors, such as the artist of the Augustus of Primaporta, liked to leave their figures unpainted so that viewers could appreciate the natural color of the material.

as an entire law code written on it

The Stela of Hammurabi:


An oba is another name for king in parts of Africa.


What are the scenes on the Palette of Narmer about?


The portrait of Mao Zedong that hangs over Tiananmen has never been taken down since the day it was first hung.


The fleur-de-lis is a symbol of the French monarchy


Both Marie Antoinette and Louis XIV had portraits of themselves painted in which they appear in front of the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles.

a bloodletting ritual

What event is portrayed in the elaborately carved lintel showing the Maya ruler Shield Jaguar and his wife Lady Xoc (4.92)?


Silk hanging scrolls portraying emperors from China all include identical colors, robe designs, and facial features in their depictions.


Maya rituals such as bloodletting were only enacted on slaves.

action and emotion

The composition of the Alexander Mosaic is designed to convey:

the Tula warrior columns

Which of the following artworks depict in great detail the specific wardrobe of warriors?


The Alexander Mosaic depicts the capture of Alexander the Great by King Darius III of Persia, which led to the death of Alexander and the end of his empire.


Timothy O’Sullivan was a photographer whose images were the result of random snapshots


The Tula warrior columns (4.108) once supported an Aztec temple.

290 feet

The Bayeux Tapestry is approximately ________ long.

it was too powerful a reminder of recent events

Ernest Meissonier’s painting Remembrance of Civil War was removed by the French government from the 1850 Salon exhibition because:


Nick Ut never found out what happened to the Vietnamese girl he photographed running away after a napalm attack in which she had been burned.


Michael Fay’s Storm and Stone was inspired by his experiences as a Marine in:


Otto Dix’s The War is a ________.


Timothy O’Sullivan was a photographer whose images were the result of random snapshots

distorted and in anguish

The figures in Picasso’s Guernica are:


J. M. W. Turner’s painting Slave Ship uses pale colors and smooth brushstrokes to depict the serenity of life at sea.

human hair

What medium was used in the making of Wenda Gu’s United Nations—China Monument: Temple of Heaven?

French revolutionary

Jean-Paul Marat was a:


The identity of Dorothea Lange’s migrant mother has never been discovered.

Raft of the Medusa

Which of the following artworks does not address social class:

carved into a cliff face

The colossal Buddhas of Bamiyan in Afghanistan, which the Taliban destroyed, were:

the Taliban

Who destroyed the tallest statue of Buddha in the world?

the results of a shipwreck off the coast of West Africa

Théodore Géricault’s painting Raft of the Medusa depicts:

she was ashamed of the photograph

What happened to the woman featured in Migrant Mother after Dorothea Lange photographed her?

nineteenth-century France

When and where was the artist of Olympia working?

a Greek athlete

What is the subject matter of Myron’s Discus Thrower?

a canon of proportions

Which of the following was used to make the sculpture Menkaure and His Wife, Queen Khamerernebty?

Janine Antoni

Who is the artist of Loving Care?

green Horton stone

What is the medium of Henry Moore’s Recumbent Figure?

thousands of nude bodies

The key component of Spencer Tunick’s installation at Zócalo, Mexico City, is ________

elegant lines, delicate features, and a composed demeanor

What concepts of beauty are conveyed in the sculpture of a head, believed to represent a king of Ife (4.134)?

the integration of solid forms and voids,natural forms like mountains and valleys, both European and non-Western artistic traditions

Which of the following artistic tendencies and formal concerns did the artist of Recumbent Figure incorporate into his sculpture?

Walking Man

Auguste Rodin made which of the following artworks?


The Woman from Willendorf is made out of which medium?

feminist posters and pamphlets

What kind of artworks do the Guerrilla Girls make?

that the woman is lying down for a medical inspection

What does the text accompanying the image of the woman in You’re Fine indicate?


Dorothea Lange’s Migrant Mother shows the relationship between mother and children in an ideal way and gives no hint as to the actual concerns of daily life.

1968 CE

What is the date of Hermaphrodite with a Dog?

ancient religions that worshiped a mother goddess

The layout of The Dinner Party alludes to:

the body it shows is that of an older individual

What is unconventional about Self-portrait Sideways No. 3?

the unfair treatment of women by art institutions

To what does the title of Do Women Have to be Naked to Get into the Met. Museum ? refer?

one side of the body is clean shaven while the other is hairy

How are the dual genders of the Hermaphrodite with a Dog made visible?

old movies

What was the inspiration for Cindy Sherman’s Untitled Film Stills series?

Melissa & Lake, Durham, North Carolina

Which artwork did Catherine Opie make?


In the Untitled Film Stills series the artist, Cindy Sherman, wanted to explore various aspects of her own personality.

Cindy Sherman

Who is the artist of the Untitled Film Stills series?

silver gelatin print

Lewis Wickes Hine’s Power House Mechanic Working on Steam Pump was made in which medium?

You’re Fine

Which artwork did Lorna Simpson make?

his flaring nostrils and antelope horn

How can we tell that Chibinda Ilunga is a hunter?

John Coplans

Who is the artist of Self-portrait Sideways No. 3?

that gender is a construction and people do not all fit in predetermined categories

Which of the following is an important message in artworks that show gender as ambiguous?

an Egyptian pharaoh

Who was Hatshepsut?

the muscular male physique as a complement to the power of industrial machines

Which of the following is emphasized in Lewis Wickes Hine’s Power House Mechanic Working on Steam Pump?

the enduring quality of the bond between a mother and her children,a family devastated by the lack of food available,a mother’s face reflecting the pressures placed on the family unit,a mother’s strength and determination at a time of great need

Dorothea Lange’s Migrant Mother shows ________.

Jenny Saville

Who is the artist of Branded?


When was Jackson Pollock’s Male and Female made?

because he was focusing on his internal experience

Why did the artist of The Scream make the painting the way he did?

a balanced psyche

Jackson Pollock’s Male and Female, according to interpretations based on Jungian analysis, shows ________.

Andy Warhol

Who is the artist of Brillo Box?

Edvard Munch

Who is the artist of The Scream?

reminders of the artist’s loss of her childhood home,women’s identification of domestic life with feeling like a caged bird,the artist’s feelings of displacement and being unsettled by world events,expressing disorientation or disconnection by transforming a familiar object

What kinds of themes is the artist of Untitled (Baalbek Bird Cage) dealing with?


The powerful heroines in Artemisia Gentileschi’s paintings have a strong correlation to events in the artist’s own life.


Fountain (After Marcel Duchamp: A. P.) was made as a reference to earlier artworks called _______.

Henry Fuseli

Who is the artist of The Nightmare?

art history and current events that reflected the artist’s experience at the time

The collection of imagery in Julian Schnabel’s The Exile represents ________.

it precisely reproduces a commercial design in order to expand the boundaries of acceptable art practice

What is so revolutionary about Brillo Box?

effectively become a part of a number of different communities

What was the artist of The Hip Hop Project (25) trying to do?

the legend of a male demon that has sex with people while they sleep

What was the painting called The Nightmare based on?

oil on canvas

What is the medium of Self-portrait with Saskia in the Scene of the Prodigal Son in the Tavern?

the agitation of the artist’s internal reality through its representation of his physical appearance

Self-portrait with Bandaged Ear and Pipe conveys ________.


What is the date of Frida Kahlo’s The Two Fridas?

sculptural installation

What is the medium of (Untitled) Baalbek Bird Cage?

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