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Article III of the Constitution describes the structure of the

judicial branch

A person or group who is not satisfied with the outcome of a trial

may appeal the decision to a higher court

Which of the following foreign policy positions describes sending military to a conflict area in an attempt to resolve the situation?


The Supreme Court extended the right of privacy implied by the 14th Amendment to include a woman’s right to

have an abortion, with restrictions, through the case Roe v. Wade

The long-term significance of Brown v. Board of Education is that it

overturned the Plessy v. Ferguson ruling accepting segregated facilities

The Supreme Court extended the right of privacy implied by the 14th and Fourth Amendments to include protection from use in a trial of evidence that was seized

illegally, in the case Mapp v. Ohio

Which of the following types of cases would have to begin in a federal court?

dispute that arose from a law limiting immigration in Arizona

Which of the following is true about responsibility in the U.S. Court system?

Federal courts handle most appeals from the state courts of last resort, whereas the state courts address most crimes and civil cases.

Which of the following statements about judicial review is true?

Early leaders like Alexander Hamilton expected the Supreme Court to have the power of judicial review, as evidenced through Hamilton’s words in the Federalist Papers.

The authority of a court to review and possibly invalidate laws or executive actions that it determines are in violation of the Constitution and the case that established that authority in the United States are

judicial review and McCulloch v. Maryland

The wording of the Constitution is

intentionally vague to allow the document to survive changes in society

What type of public policy or regulation topic best relates to this map?

fuel resources

"The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex."

Which of the following reflects the source and impact of this quote?

It is from the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Because of this amendment, the voting rights of women are protected because a prior related amendment failed to include gender.

The origin of the term "genocide" and international laws to prevent it followed

World War II

Which of the following makes a true statement?

Genocide is a term meaning the deliberate attempt to destroy an entire group of people, like the Holocaust.

"We did not act quickly enough after the killing began. We should not have allowed the refugee camps to become safe havens for the killers. We did not immediately call these crimes by their rightful name—genocide."—President Bill Clinton

Which of the following geographic areas of people was President Clinton giving a speech to when he made these remarks?


Which of the following best describes who has decision-making power in an oligarchy?

a small group of people

China, with most decision-making power concentrated into a few members of the Communist Party, is best described as a


Which of the following is true about the Emancipation Proclamation?

It secured the freedom of slaves in states that seceded from the nation.

The 13th to 15th amendments of the U.S. Constitution

extended citizenship and voting rights to former slaves

The Freedom in the World democracy indicator shows that most countries in

Europe are free

Based on this map, which of the following countries would be described as having the greatest degree of democratization?


Sarah and Joe are arrested for allegedly stealing computer equipment. Which of the following is correct?

The trial would begin in a state-level court of original jurisdiction and go to a state appellate court if either side appeals the case.

Based on this map, which of the following countries is a top producer of oil?

Saudi Arabia

According to the United Nations and other international organizations, all of the following regions have high rates of deforestation. Based on this map, which region would you expect environmental policy leaders to target for the most critical anti-deforestation efforts?

Middle East

Those who favor election of judges to their positions believe it

forces judges to interpret law in the best interests of the people rather than those of certain politicians

When Judge Sanders makes his ruling, he is expected to base his decision on the

interpretation of law

Americans who say voters are capable of selecting the most qualified judges believe that the

fact of an election taking place raises public awareness and discussion of the role of the judiciary

People who see the United States as acting as the "World’s Police" focus on U.S. policies that reflect


The Mexican government has struggled to control the production and trade of illegal drugs. As a result, the United States has

increased security along the coasts and border areas with Mexico to try to stop the entry of illegal drugs

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