365 Reasons Why I Love You

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The way I can just be myself

The way you make me smile

The way you smile

The way you look at me

Your gorgeous blue eyes

The way you make my heart melt

How you still give me butterflies when I see you

How my hand fits perfectly in yours

How cute you are

How much you care about me

You trust me

You encourage me

You make me proud

You make me feel special

You make me feel confident

You make me laugh

The memories we share

How you put up with my moodiness

The way you kiss me

The way you touch me

The way you play with my hair

The way you put your arms around me

Our tickle fights

How we wrestle

Our fake fights over stupid things

How we can be silly around each other

How we hardly ever fight

The way you light up my world

You complete my life

You complete me

You keep me warm when I am cold

You don’t mind my hands and feet always ice cold

You don’t care how sweaty or clammy my hands get

You love all of my imperfections

You still think I am perfect

When you tell me you love me

How I instantly feel better when I hear your voice

How you act the same around your friends

The way I can’t picture my life without you

How we can talk about marriage and it doesn’t scare you away

How we talk about having children

The fact that we are already planning our future together

When we kiss it feels like our first kiss all over again

How you waited to kiss me at the right time

That you were my first kiss

How you are always there for me

You are so understanding

You care more about me then you care about yourself

The way you smell

You make me smile even if I am crying

How you understand me like one else

How I can tell you anything and everything

You keep all my secrets

How comfortable you make me feel

How your arms make me feel safe

When I am with you the whole world stops

You understand my problems

You try to help me fix my problems

You make me want to be a better person

You know me better than I know myself

How loving you comes so naturally

You are my everything

How we have a song for each other

The way you act when you lose

How you act all stuck up when you win

The way you hug me

How you promise to never let me go

How afraid you are to lose me

How protective you are

How you’re always there for me

You are my best friend

You are my soul mate

How sweet you are

How caring you are

How faithful you are

How you find the stupidest things funny

Your laugh

How I can act like an idiot and you still love me

The way you make fun of me

Your outlook on life

Your morals

Your goals

Your achievements

How you would drop your plans to be with me if I needed you

How you always want to be with me

Everything about you

How your taller than me

How you watch over me

The way we cuddle

I can fall asleep in your arms in the matter of minutes

When I am with you I feel like I am home

How warm you are

How your family is like mine

How nice you are

The way you stroke my fingers when we hold hands

Your good morning texts

We can talk for hours and never get tired

We could be with each other every day and never get sick of each other

How it takes us so long to say goodbye

How you tell me you miss me all the time

How you always share your feelings

How easy you are to talk to

How you never gave up on me

You bring out the best in me

Your sense of humor

Your hugs

The way you talk to me

Your passion

The feeing being wrapped up in your arms

The feeling you give me inside

The sound of your voice

How happy you are

The way you hold my face

The way your eyes soften when you see me

Your honesty

How I know that you’ll never cheat on me

The way you care about me

The compliments you give me

Those little looks you give me

The way you light up a room when you walk in

How you don’t care what our friends think of us

How cute you were when you were little

How much you have taught me about life

How much you have taught me about myself

You showed me how to love

You showed me that there are genuine nice guys out there

You showed me how to have fun

You let me be a kid again

How you don’t like to listen sometimes

You are by my side

The feeling of security

You give me hope for the future

You give me strength for when I am weak

You always make time for me

You say the cutest things that make me laugh

I know you won’t ever hurt me

You try to see the best in everyone

You taught me what true friends really are

I could tell you anything and you wouldn’t think less of me

How patient you are

How you are the first person I want to see when I wake up

How you are the last person I want to see before I go to sleep

The way I don’t picture anybody else in my future but you

The way my arms fit around your waist

How you come up behind me and wrap your arms around me

How I know wherever I go you will be in my heart

The little things about you that annoy me

The way you respect my decisions

The way you put my feelings first

The way you look at me right before you kiss me

You help me out with chores

How you do anything I ask of you

You would go to the moon and back for me if I asked

For letting me help you

For being you

Never pressuring me

Being a good guy in general

Always listening to me

Helping me through tough situations

For coming shopping with me

Letting me drag you into stores you don’t like

For watching stupid movies with me

Not complaining when doing things you dislike

Always being interested in everything that I do

We share every little thing together

You would rather be with me than play video games

We joke about things

Letting me tease you

Never changing

The way you call me babe

The way you call me baby

All of the cute names you call me

You text me every chance you get

Trying to be with me for holidays

For taking the chance to get to know me

Walking into my life when I least expected it

Picking me over anyone else

The way you say I love you

How you always know what I am going to say

You always know what I am thinking

You always know that something is bothering me

We say the same things at the same time

We always think of texting each other at the same time

How alike we are

Our favorite football teams are the Patriots

Our favorite baseball teams are the Red Sox

We both like Tom Brady

We both like David Ortiz

How different we are

How our differences still complement each other

How you always know what to say

Laughing at my blonde moments

Your touch

Just being with you

How cute you look

How cute you look when you’re sleeping

That mischievous look you get in your eye

How I can tell when you are lying

How bad of a liar you are

When you surprise me

How respectful you are

Your personality

You don’t flirt with other girls

You tell me I’m the only girl for you

You can always reassure me

We can talk without even saying a word

Wou always wonder what is on my mind

You strive to be the best in everything that you do

You still act like a kid

How cute you are when you’re nervous

How complete I feel when you hold me

How you are always on my mind

How we singing together in the car

Being away from you feels like an eternity

The look in your eyes when you say I love you

You make me realize my full potential

You inspire me

You always give me something to look forward to

We make a great team

How you act like the girl sometimes

Each day you give me one more reason to love you

The way you show your affection for me

You’re my biggest fan

The way you rub my back

Everyone can see how much we love each other

Your confidence

The way your voice sounds on the phone

You give me confidence

We can be miles apart from eachother but still hold together

You trust me

Your hand always finds mine

You apologize even if it’s over something silly

You tell me if you don’t like something about me

You make our relationship so easy

Every time I look at you, you take my breath away

We finish each other’s sentences

The fact that your mine

You never give up on me

Your are never boring to be around

We play fight

Even when I am grumpy you still love me

We can do anything together

You never make fun of me in a mean way

You make me feel like I have never felt before

You make me feel safe

You never want to stop kissing me

You make me smile even if I am sad

Our inseparable bond

You challenge me

The way you look at me

How cute we are together

The way you say I love you

How thoughtful you are

You’re the best person to ever come into my life

The thought of you makes me smile

You make me happy every second of every day

You can make me happy without even doing anything

Your happiness equals my happiness

Your mood affects my mood

When you kiss my forehead

The way you kiss me when I’m get hurt

The way you hold me like you never want to let me go

The littlest things make you happy

You look to the future yet appreciate the present

You appreciate the little things

How understanding you are

Your hugs make everything better

Everything I do makes me think of you

Laughing is 10x more fun when you’re around

Stars shine a little brighter when you around

Even when you are angry you are still adorable

Your goofy grin

Your heart is my real home

How your kisses lift me up to a place where I belong

Without you I wouldn’t be myself

You make my heart break out into song

Your heartbeat

You love all of my flaws

I can’t sleep at night unless I know you are safe

I never believed in love at first sight til I met you

How good we get along

Our late nights

You hold the key to my heart

You always say what I need to hear

You tell me the truth

You’re always honest even if it hurts

You stop me from getting hurt

How I have had the time of my life and I owe it all to you

You mean everything to me

I can look into your eyes and see your heart

Being with you makes me feel like I can defy the whole world

Our memories we’ve made

Your intelligence

You were smart enough to fall in love with me

You never rush into anything

How I can’t imagine a day without you in my life

You pick me up when I’m down

My dreams are your dreams too

We can stay up all night just to talk

You inspire me to chase my dreams

You ask me for advice and sometimes take it

Your just simply amazing

Your amazing just the way you are

Two is better than one

The way you sing to me

How you show your love for me

You respect my decisions

When you smile the whole world stops

You appreciate me

You make me feel like royalty

You make everything feel like a fairytale

Everything you do and who you are

You always give me your honest opinion

You say whether something looks good on me or not

How we are better together

When I see your face there is not a thing that I would change

You taught me how to love

I was scared of love til I met you

When I’m with you I get knots in my stomach

Giving me a second chance

You make my heart skip a beat

When we kiss it feels right

You make me feel wanted

You make me feel like I belong

You make me feel whole

Your the most important thing that’s happened to me

I’m glad you were my first

Our dinner dates

Our movie dates

Going to the mall with you

Watching you play sports

You motivate me to do better in school

You motivate me to try harder in life

The cute pictures we have together

The cute gifts you get me

Spending the holidays with you

The stupid faces you make

How we can trust each other around other people

All the stupid things we do together

Our inside jokes

How we can talk through facial expressions

Your loyalty

Your integrity

Your gentleness with me

Your crazy voices, sounds, and imitations

How you’re there when I need a shoulder to cry on

Were both into the same sports

How much excitement you bring into my life

Waking up in the morning knowing i have the best boyfriend in the world

The fact that you are without a doubt my true soul mate

You never stopped loving me

You’re the first and only person I’ve ever loved

You’re the first person who ever truly loved me

How forgiving you are

You learned to deal with my stupidity

Falling asleep in your arms

When you let me win when we play basketball

When you chase me around the yard

How you don’t care that I leave you for your cat

I love how your body feels next to mine

Like the same music

Since the day you came into my life everything’s been perfect

The cute things you say to me

When i look at you, you take my breath away

Our life together

The fact you want to be with me

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