360 OSHA 10HR Training (Module 3b Quiz)- Health Hazards- Hazardous Materials

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Recommended protective clothing and equipment for MDA-exposed workers may include any of the following EXCEPT:

Ear plugs

Using an 8-hour time-weighted average, what is the permissible exposure limit to MDA?

10 ppb

At a minimum, how many days per year must workers perform Class I, Class II, or Class III asbestos work before their employers are required to provide for medical examinations?


How many years must employers keep accurate records of MDA monitoring measurements?


The decontamination area for MDA-exposed workers, materials, and equipment must include all of the following EXCEPT:

A medical examination area

What is the most effective method for cleaning lead-contaminated clothing?


How many years must employers keep records of measurements monitoring employee exposure to asbestos?


What must employers provide for those workers who are subject to 15 or more days of dermal exposure to MDA?

No-cost-to-employee medical surveillance program under the supervision of a licensed physician

What do Class I asbestos jobs involve?

Removal of surfacing asbestos-containing materials

Employers are required to post which of the following warning signs in areas where lead exposure is above the permissible limit?

No smoking or eating

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