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Artwork in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries

all of the previous answers

The colors of the bodies and trees in Matisse’s Joy of Life are ________.

based on what the artist saw

In Matisse’s Joy of Life the artist is emphasizing ________.

la leisurely day in a landscape with music

Matisse made Icarus ________.

near the end of his career, when he was confined to a wheel chair

Les Demoiselles d’Avignon was revolutionary because:

all of the other answers

How does Georges Braque’s Houses at L’Estaque relate to the scene it represents?

it is an abstraction based on nature

Georges Braque’s Houses at L’Estaque is part of which movement?


Picasso’s Glass and Bottle of Suze contains an actual ________ in the composition.

bottle label

The technique used to make Glass and Bottle of Suze is ________.


Expressionism focuses on:

what is felt rather than what is seen

Vasily Kandinsky, the artist of Improvisation #30 (Cannons), believed ________.

art should express an inner spiritual necessity

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner’s Street Berlin is part of the ________ movement as seen ________.

expressionist…in the paintings

The Dada performance of "Karawane" doesn’t make sense because ________.

it was part of the movement that devalued logical thinking

Marcel Duchamp’s Bicycle Wheel is an example of ________.

a readymade

What innovation in art was Marcel Duchamp not responsible for?


John Heartfield’s Have No Fear, He’s a Vegetarian is an example of ________.


John Heartfield, the artist of Have No Fear, He’s a Vegetarian, ________.

had to flee germany to escape arrest and persecution

A dreamlike environment is created in Giorgio De Chirico’s The Melancholy and Mystery of the Street by:

all the other answers

Which of the following statements best relates to Max Ernst’s Surrealism and Painting?

it can be liberating when the imagination wanders in the mysterious realm of creativity

The artist who created the 1936 assemblage entitled Object is ________.

joan miro

The collection of items in the 1936 assemblage entitled Object ________.

it is untimely mysterious

The artist of Unique Forms of Continuity in Space ________ the art movements and traditions of the past.

wanted to leave behind

Marcel Duchamp’s Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2 was ________ the Armory Show in 1913.

seen as scandalous by viewers at

The medium of Kazimir Malevich’s Suprematist Painting (Eight Red Rectangles) is:

oil on canvas

Theo van Doesburg was a founder of which movement?

De stijil

Theo van Doesburg wanted to make artwork that appealed to ________.

the mind

How does Constantin Brancusi’s Bird in Space distill the vital qualities of a bird?

by reminding us of bird or feather shapes to the soaring quality of flight

What is the medium of Romare Bearden’s Three Folk Musicians?


Romare Bearden, the artist of Three Folk Musicians, was particularly influenced by which of the following?

cubism, african masks and the Harlem renaissance

Jackson Pollock made paintings by:

dipping paint onto a canvas on the floor

The formal element that Mark Rothko focused on is ________.


In his Untitled (1949), Mark Rothko wanted to emphasize ________.

a deep almost religious experience

The technique used to make Andy Warhol’s Thirty Are Better Than One is ________.


Andy Warhol used commercial processes to create many of his works because ________.

he wanted his work to have a depersonalized and mass produced quality

The technique used by Roy Lichtenstein to show gradations in color in his Girl with Mirror was ________.

borrowed from news paper printing and comics

James Hampton’s The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations’ Millennium General Assembly was made using ________.

found objects that the artist transformed

Donald Judd’s Untitled (1967) is part of which movement?


Dan Flavin’s Untitled (1996) builds on ________.

Marcel Duchamps concept of readymades

Conceptual art emphasizes ________.

the ideas behind the artwork over its realization

Joseph Kosuth’s One and Three Chairs consists of ________.

three things that a chair could be

Ana Mendieta uses ________ as an artistic medium in her work Imagen de Yagul.

all of the previous answers

Gerrit Rietveld’s Schröder House is an example of ________ architecture.


Designer Gerrit Rietveld preferred a limited color palette of ________.

black white and primary colors

Michael Graves’s Portland Public Services Building is an example of ________ architecture.

post modernist

Carrie Mae Weems integrates into her work references to:

the collective african american experience that is rooted in slavery

Jolene Rickard’s Corn Blue Room is an example of ________.

installation art

Shirin Neshat’s Rapture is a film that separates ________ onto different screens.

men and women

Matthew Barney explains that the complexity in his Cremaster series relates to ________.

his own wandering interests

The medium of Matthew Ritchie’s Proposition Player is ________.

multi media installation

Matthew Ritchie says that ________.

abstraction and figuration can be combined in the same work

In her Self-Portrait with Camellia, Paula Modersohn-Becker used ________.

all of the other answers

Twentieth-century artists continued the explorations in representation started by the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists.


Roy Lichtenstein challenged traditional notions of the subject matter and appearance of fine art painting by embracing everyday subjects.


The work of Minimalist artists is generally made out of natural materials with an organic quality.


The way that Jackson Pollock painted focused on the process of making art.



an art work made out of 3 d objects

action painting

a method of painting that uses the movement of the human body to apply paint onto a surface

visionary art

art by a self taught artist following a personal vision


an everyday object presented as a work of art


a construction or arrangement of objects which has been conceived to orchestrate a space

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