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Which of the following statements are true?

32-bit processors use only the IA-32 instruction set (also referred to as x86) 64-bit processors use the x86-64 instruction set (also referred to as x64)

What is the biggest advantage of 64-bit processors over 32-bit processors?

The ability to use over 4 GB of memory

You have an AMD processor and an Intel processor, both of which have the same speed rating. Which of the following statements is true about the relative performance of both processors?

Performance will depend on other factors such as cache and other features

What is the purpose of cache memory?

Allows a processor to access data more quickly

What is a ZIF socket?

A special socket for inserting and securing a processor

You have a computer system with an Intel Core i3 processor that operates at 3.7 GHz. You would like to upgrade to a faster processor, but you don’t want to replace the motherboard. Which of the following should you do first?

Read the motherboard documentation to identify which processors are supported

You want to add a second processor to your dual-processor system. Which of the following should you do?

Match the speed of the new processor with the speed of the existing processor

Your computer has one single core processor installed. The motherboard supports processors with up to four cores. You want to upgrade your computer to a quad-core system. Which of the following will be part of your configuration?

Replace the existing processor

You have a computer with a dual core 64-bit processor that uses the x86-x64 instruction set. You want to install the 32-bit application on the computer. What should you do?

Install the application normally

You test installing a second CPU. You removed the terminating resistor from the second CPU slot, insert the CPU and perform your testing. Upon conclusion of the test you remove the second CPU and find that your system no longer boots up properly. How can you correct this situation?

Replace the terminating resistor in the slot that was occupied by the second CPU

Match each CPU socket on the left with the appropriate CPU it is designed to support on the right.

Intel Core 2 Duo – 775 AMD Athlon II – AM3+ Intel Core i7 – 1366 AMD A-series APU – FM1 Intel Pentium D – 775 Intel Xeon – 1366 AMD Phenom II – AM3+

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