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A major economic problem President Truman faced immediately after the war was:

high rates of inflation

One of Truman’s great strengths as he assumed the presidency was his:

decisive character

The United States experienced a shock in 1949 when Communists took over:


When North Korea attacked South Korea, Truman concluded:

that Stalin and the Soviets were behind it

Baseball was integrated in 1947 when Jackie Robinson played for the:

Brooklyn Dodgers

When confronted with strikes in the coal and railroad industries in 1946, President Truman’s response was to:

temporarily seize those industries

Soviet and Communist activities in regard to Turkey and Greece were intended to:

gain the Soviets access to the Mediterranean

In retrospect, the cold war was probably:


The 1948 election is probably best remembered for:

Truman’s upset victory

The conventional, or "orthodox," view of cold war history holds whom or what most responsible for beginning this conflict?

Stalin’s quest for world domination

In regard to Israel’s founding in 1948, the United States:

became the first country to recognize the Jewish state

The Soviet acquisition of the atomic bomb in 1949 inspired Truman to:

order the development of a hydrogen bomb

As the 1948 election approached:

Truman seemed to be in deep political trouble

In 1947, President Truman took actions to banish Communists from:

the federal government

By and large, Truman’s Fair Deal proposals:

were thwarted by a conservative coalition in Congress

The Yalta pledges of democratic elections in Eastern Europe:

proved to be meaningless

The secretary of state who devised the plan of massive economic recovery aid to Europe was:

George Marshall

On the domestic front, President Truman soon made clear his intention to:

enlarge the New Deal

Inch’on was the site:

where General MacArthur turned the war around with an amphibious landing

The Hiss-Chambers case:

resulted in Hiss’s being convicted of lying about espionage

The second-place finisher in the 1948 election was:

Thomas Dewey

Truman viewed his victory as a mandate for:

moderate liberalism

One major reason that World War II inspired postwar changes in race relations was the:

racist nature of the enemies of the United States

President Truman vetoed the McCarran Internal Security Act:

because he felt it promoted thought control

Senator McCarthy was very effective in:

exploiting public fears

The Taft-Hartley Act of 1947:

allowed the president to impose a "cooling-off" period during major strikes

The person who benefited most from the outcome of the Hiss-Chambers case was:

Richard Nixon

With the end of World War II, Korea:

became divided into northern and southern halves

In 1948, President Truman desegregated:

the military

At the 1948 Democratic convention, Minneapolis mayor Hubert Humphrey urged his party to:

adopt a strong civil rights plank

By the spring of 1945, the United States and Britain were becoming deeply concerned over Soviet actions in:

Eastern Europe

As a result of the Truman Doctrine:

Greece and Turkey were less vulnerable to communism

Who tagged Truman "the No. 1 strikebreaker"?

the Congress of Industrial Organizations

Truman’s response to the Soviet blockade of West Berlin in 1948 was to:

launch a massive airlift of supplies into West Berlin

In his Wheeling speech, Senator Joseph McCarthy claimed to have a list of Communists in:

the State Department

State Department official George Kennan:

said the United States should contain Soviet expansionist tendencies

When North Korean Communists invaded South Korea:

the United Nations authorized military intervention against the aggressors

UN forces reaching the Yalu River brought about:

a massive Chinese intervention

The 1946 congressional elections resulted in:

Republican control of Congress

Permanent members of the United Nations Security Council:

can veto any major proposal

Truman fired MacArthur:

for insubordination

In the Truman years, the United States abandoned a longtime tradition with its involvement in:

peacetime alliances

All of the following were established by the National Security Act of 1947 EXCEPT:

the Department of Homeland Security

All of the following were original NATO members EXCEPT:


The Korean War did all of the following EXCEPT:

bring about major changes in boundaries

All of the following are true of Harry Truman EXCEPT that he:

had an Ivy League education

The GI Bill did all of the following EXCEPT:

pay veterans large bonuses to remain in the military

When confronted with strikes in the coal and railroad industries in 1946, President Truman’s response was to:

temporarily seize those industries

Inch’on was the site

where General MacArthur turned the war around with an amphibious landing

The Hiss-Chambers case

resulted in Hiss’s being convicted of lying about espionage

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