25 Art History- Rococo Style

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Who is considered the founder of the French Rococo style of painting?

a. Jean-Antoine Watteau

What is Boucher most well-known for?

a. mythological scenes

What is depicted in the image above?

a. a dream world full of beautifully dressed people

In what building can you see the image above?

b. Kaisersaal

What does the word Rococo describe?

c. a fanciful, refined, and playful style

Which of the following paintings is considered the epitome of French Rococo painting?


Which of the following is a characteristic feature of the Rococo arabesque style?

b. S-shape

Who is the artist most closely associated with Parisian Rococo?

b. Francois Boucher

What happened when Jean-Antoine Watteau submitted the above piece to the Royal Academy of Painting?

b. The Academy was so impressed that it created a new category of subject matter to accommodate the painting.

What classic Rococo features can be seen in the image above?

d. all of the above (delicately curved forms, white-and-gold color scheme, luxury)

What are some techniques the French used to create the fanciful playfulness that Rococo art is known for?

b. mirror reflections and delicate ornamentation

How does the artist create a theatrical setting in the image above?

c. the painted and gilded stucco curtains drawn back

Who painted the image above?

d. Giovanni Battista Teipolo

What is an arabesque?

c. an architectural decoration with flowing lines and swirling shapes

The word "Rococo" comes from a combination of which two languages?

Not A

Who designed the above building?

Not A

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