21st-Century Skills- Exploring Procedural Texts

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"How to Make an Apron"
Which step is missing from this procedure?

a. Measure your waist and add 2 inches.

The study of what a person must do in order to accomplish a specific task is called ______________

a. a task analysis

What is the most important reason to consider typography when creating a procedural text?

d. It helps the reader find important information.

"How to Make a Paper Airplane"
What could be done to make these instructions clearer and easier to follow?

a. adding images illustrating the various folds

"How to Prevent Onions from Making You Cry"
What is the most important thing that can be done to make these instructions easier to follow?

c. using numbers to help readers see the various steps easier.

Instructions within procedural texts should be phrased as _____________.

c. commands

"How to Fold a Standard Business Letter"
These steps are not complete. Which step needs to be added to make this procedure clearer, and where should it be inserted?

d. "Fold slightly less than one-third of the letter toward the top edge of the sheet," should be inserted in step 5 before the instruction to crease the fold.

"How to Prevent Onions from Making You Cry"
Which revision should be made to these instructions to make them more effective?

d. making each statement a command by beginning each sentence with an action verb

Instructions in procedural texts should appear in the form of _____________

b. commands with active verbs

Procedural texts include which kinds of texts?

b. instruction manuals

Why must the audience be considered when creating a procedural text?

a. to help determine word choice

Which organizational type is most appropriate for a procedural text?

c. chronological order

How might an instruction manual designed for troubleshooting differ from and instruction booklet designed for improving performance in a skill?

b. The troubleshooting manual will be shorter and more concise; the booklet will be more descriptive and complex.

In addition to making sure your writing is clear, which consideration is also important in creating a procedural text?

a. the purpose of the text

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