2.8 Photography Exam #2

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The first cameras were ________.


Daguerreotypes are made on ________.

polished metal plates

A major benefit of the daguerreotype process is that ________.

it creates very detailed images

A major benefit of the calotype process is that ________

calotypes are negatives that can be readily reproduced

Which of the following photographers is best known for making portraits?


When she made the photograph called Migrant Mother, Dorothea Lange:

first passed the pea-pickers’ camp, but decided to turn back to take pictures

One of the earliest surviving photographs is a still life by Daguerre featuring:

plaster casts, a framed picture, and a wine flask, by a window

The American photographer Edward Weston focused closely on the subject of his Pepper No. 30, making the viewer concentrate on the ________ and ________ of the vegetable.

form texture

In order for photojournalistic news photos to be effective they need to be seen as ________.


The photographer of Afghan Girl was able to locate the girl many years later using ________ as a means of identification.

iris-patterns from the original photograph

What was the subject of the exhibition Here is New York, A Democracy of Photographs?

September 11, 2001

When did it become common for photographs to be collected in major fine arts museums?


In his photograph Two Ways of Life, Oscar Gustav Rejlander employed methods that emulated the process of ________.


Loretta Lux digitally manipulates such elements as ________ to create the effect she wants in her pictures.

all of the other answers (backgrounds, proportion, scale, color)

The Steerage by Alfred Stieglitz depicts ________.

passengers on a steam ship

What is it called when a photographer chooses to make a photograph look candid and spontaneous?

snapshot aesthetic

Hannah Höch was part of a movement known as ________.


Untitled—Passage on the Underground Railroad digitally combines:

images from the past and present

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