15.6 Monitoring

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You have a WAN link that connects two sites. The WAN link is supposed to provide 1.5 MBPS of bandwidth. You want to perform a test to see the actual bandwidth of the link.

Which tool should you use?

Throughput tester

You want to be able to identify traffic that is being generated and sent through the network by a specific application running on a device.

Which tool should you use?

Protocol analyzer

You connect a packet sniffer to a switch to monitor frames on your local area network. However, the packet sniffer is only able to see broadcast frames and frames addressed specifically to the hose device.

Which feature should you enable on the switch so you can see frames from all devices connected to the switch?


You have installed a new application on a network device. During testing, it appears as if the software is causing other services running on the device to stop responding.

Which tool should you consult to identify the problem?

Application log

You mange a firewall that connects your private network to the Internet. You would like to see a record of every packet that has been rejected by the firewall in the past month.

Which tool should you use?

Event log

You suspect that your web server has been the target of a denial-of-service attack. You would like to view information about the number of connections to the server over the past three days.

Which log would you most likely examine?


You are concerned about attacks directed against the firewall on your network. You would like to examine the content of individual frames sent to the firewall.

Which tool should you use?

Packet sniffer

You have a website that customers use to view product information and place orders. You would like to identify the maximum number of simultaneous sessions that this server can maintain before performance is negatively impacted.

Which tool should you use?

Load tester

You decide to use a packet sniffer to identify the type of traffic sent to a router. You run the packet sniffing software on a device which is connected to the same hub that is connected to the router.

When you run the software, you only see frames addressed to the workstation and not other devices.

Which feature should you configure?

Promiscuous mode

You want to be able to identify traffic that is being generated and sent through the network by a specific application running on a device.

Which tool should you use?

Protocol analyzer

You have heard about a Trojan horse program where the compromised system sends personal information to a remote attacker on a specific TCP port. You want to be able to easily tell whether any of your systems are sending data to the attacker.

Which log would you monitor?


You have a small network of devices connected together using a switch. You want to capture the traffic that is sent from Host A to Host B.

On Host C, you install a packet sniffer that captures network traffic. After running the packet sniffer, you cannot find any captured packets between Host A and Host B.

What should you do?

Run the packet sniffer application on Host B

Which of the following functions can a port scanner provide? (select two)

Discovering unadvertised servers Determining which ports are open on a firewall

Each of the following are tools used to check the health of a network.

Which of these is typically used for managing and sending messages from one computer system to another?


Which of the following are reasons to use a protocol analyzer? (select two)

Find devices that might be using legacy protocols, such as IPX/SPX or NetBIOS Identify users that are connecting to unauthorized websites

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