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Before USB devices became so popular, what type of slot was offered on laptops in order to connect peripheral devices?


Which of the following can be used to connect or ground a technician’s hand to a computer case in order to dissipate any static electricity?

ESD strap

When a laptop is missing a port or slot, what type of device can be used to provide the port or slot that is needed

USB dongle

What is the most commonly used form factor today?


What device provides ports to allow a laptop to easily connect to a full-sized monitor, keyboard, AC power adapter, and other peripheral devices?

docking station

A smart watch is an example of what type of mobile device?

wearable technology

Which of the following components is NOT typically found on netbook computers?

optical drive

What type of connector is used by a micro-ATX power supply?

24-pin P1

What technology is used by tablet devices to wirelessly connect to nearby devices?

NFC (Near Field Communication)

Which port can transmit video, data, and power on the same cable and is popular with Apple Computers?


What type of device would use a PCIe 6/8 pin connector?

high-end video card

What connector is used to provide an extra 12-V power to the processor?

4-pin auxiliary

What device is used by the OS and apps in a mobile device to sense the physical position of the device?


What type of memory module is used in laptops?


Which motherboard component is used by adapter cards to provide a port or other function not provided by the motherboard?

expansion slot

What type of wireless connection requires an unobstructed "line of sight" between transmitter and receiver?


What standard is most often used today by hard drives to communicate with a system motherboard?


Which type of computer case sits upright, has room for several drives, and is often used for servers?

tower case

What is the most common pointing device on a laptop?

touch pad

Along with the motherboard, what other computer component is considered the most expensive and easily damaged parts in the system?


What is usually found on a connector to indicate which pin is pin #1?


Which of the following is NOT a connector normally found on a front panel header?

CPU fan control

Which of the following is considered to be the most complex task to perform while working inside a laptop computer?

replacing a broken LCD panel

What is the first step that should be taken when removing expansion cards?

Remove any wire or cable connected to the card

Which of the following are round plastic or metal pegs that separate the motherboard from the case?


Most manufacturers offer a standard warranty on laptops. How long is the standard warranty on most laptopts

1 year

Why are components in a laptop system not interchangeable with components of other laptop systems?

Every laptop model has a unique case and components are installed in unique ways

What is the first step that should be taken when opening a computer case?

Back up important data

When reassembling a computer, which component should be installed in the case first?

power supply

Which of the following should you do first when following the procedure for removing the motherboard?

unplug the power supply lines to the motherboard

Why is it so important to find out if a laptop is still under warranty before servicing it?

To ensure the warranty will not become void

When working inside a laptop computer, what tool is useful for prying without damaging plastic cases, connectors, and screw covers?

Dental pick

A system will always need which of the following to connect the power supply to the motherboard?

20-pin P1 connector

Why are replacement parts for laptops typically more expensive than replacement parts for desktop compu

They are designed to stand up to travel

When examining the inside of a computer, what is the best way to know the purpose of a cable?

Follow the cable from its source to destination

The wires leading from the front or top of the computer case to the motherboard are known as which of the following?

front panel connectors

Which of the following is an example of diagnostic software that is used by several laptop manufacturers?


Which of the following is a valid tip to keep in mind while working inside a computer?

Don’t stack boards on top of each other

What do most laptop manufacturers provide that can help test components to determine which component needs replacing?

diagnostic software

Why are replacement parts for laptops typically more expensive than replacement parts for desktop computers?

They are designed to stand up to travel

Which type of processor socket has blunt protruding pins on the socket that connect with pads on the bottom of the processor?

land grid array (LGA)

Which technology replaced the 64-bit Front Side Bus and has 16 lanes for data packets?

QuickPath Interconnect (QPI)

Which chip on the motherboard does Windows BitLocker Encryption use to secure the hard drive?

TPM chip

How much power does the 8-pin PCIe power connector provide?

150 watts

Which of the following is considered to be one of the most important features of a motherboard?

processor socket

Which of the following best describe software that simulates the hardware of a physical computer?

virtual machine

Running a processor, memory, motherboard, or video card at a higher speed than the manufacturer recommends is known as which of the following?


Small programs stored on the hard drive that an operating system uses to communicate with a specific hardware device are known as which of the following?

device drivers

A bus that does not run in sync with the system clock is known as which of the following?

expansion bus

Microsoft requires which type of firmware in order for the system to be certified for Windows 8 and later?


What can be used in a low profile or slimline desktop case to add an expansion card when you do not have enough room to install the card standing up in an expansion slot?

riser card

Which type of form factor is used in low-end computers and home theater systems?


Which of the following works closely with the processor to collectively control memory, buses on the motherboard, and some peripherals?


What type of power connector on the motherboard was introduced with PCIe Version 1.0?

6-pin PCIe connector

For most motherboards, what key can you press during the boot process in order to access the BIOS setup program?


Paths on a motherboard that enable data, instructions, and power to move from component to component on the board are sometimes known as which of the following?


A socket that has one or two levers used to lift the processor up and out of the socket is known as which of the following?

ZIF socket

Which part of the hub architecture is considered the slower end of the hub and contains the I/O controller hub?

South Bridge

Which partitioning method must be used for partitioning a 4 TB hard drive?


Two small posts or metal pins that stick up on the motherboard that are used to hold configuration information are known as which of the following?


What is the name of the memory cache that is found on the processor die?

Level 1 cache

The memory that a processor addresses at one time and is known as what?

a memory bank

What is used on processors to eliminate air pockets, helping to draw heat off the processor?

thermal compound

Which of the following runs twice as fast as regular SDRAM and uses 184 pins?


What type of memory module is used in most laptops today?


Processors that can process 32 bits or 64 bits are known as which type of processors?


How many threads can a quad-core processor handle at once?


For a triple channel installation, if a matching pair of DIMMs is installed in the first two slots and another matching pair of DIMMs is installed in the last two slots, what will occur?

The memory controller will use dual channels

What is the data path width for a DIMM that supports ECC?

72 bits

A DIMM memory ad displays the timing of a DIMM as 11-13-13-31-2N. What is the CAS Latency value?


What processor technology introduce quad channels where the processor can access four DIMMs at the same time?

Sandy Bridge

In which technology, used on older SIMMs, would a ninth bit be stored with every 8 bits in a byte?


Which of the following uses the least amount of power?


What is the name of the Intel technology that allows a processor to handle two threads at the same time?


How many pins are on a DDR DIMM?


Which memory module has 240 pins and can support quad, triple, or dual channels?


What type of Double Data Rate SDRAM uses 288 pins?


Which of the following terms best describe small holding areas on the processor chip that hold counters, data, instructions, and addresses that the ALU is currently processing?


A security measure built into the processor that works with the operating system to prevent malware from executing is known as which of the following?

Execute Disable Bit

To calculate the PC rating for a DDR DIMM, you must multiply the speed by which of the following?


How many beeps does startup UEFI/BIOS give to indicate a successful POST?

1 beep

What Windows utility can you use to test RAM?

Memory Diagnostics

Intel recommends a liquid cooling system for processors that use which Intel socket, which is typically used on high-end gaming computers?


Which device in the computer case uses the least amount of wattage?

case fan

A cooler made of which of the following will do the best job of conducting heat?


Some laptops contain a second battery. What is this battery called?

sheet battery

How many pins does the CPU fan header on a motherboard have?

4 pins

What option should be selected on a voltage selector for a power supply being used in the United States?


To know what size power supply you need, add up the wattage requirements of all components and add how much more?


Which of the following is a round air duct that helps to pull and direct fresh air from outside the case to the cooler and processor?

chassis air guide

A short might occur if some component on the motherboard makes improper contact with the chassis. What is the most likely cause of this improper contact?

missing standoff

What term is used to describe each circuit provided by the power supply?


What is the first step in the six-step model for computer troubleshooting?

Interview the user

When troubleshooting, a clicking noise might indicate which of the following?

hard drive is failing

Good processor coolers maintain a temperature of what range?

90-110 degrees

Battery packs today use which of the following technologies?

Lithium Ion

During the boot process, what are error messages printed on a black screen likely caused by?

POST error

What type of cooler contains pipes filled with liquid that helps draw heat away from the CPU toward the fins on the cooler?

passive CPU cooler

When the processor overheats and the system restarts, what type of error has occurred?

processor thermal trip error

What is the approximate wattage rating of a motherboard, processor, memory, keyboard, and mouse?

200-300 watts

What command-prompt command do you use to determine if a drive has bad sectors?


A small database that hold parameters that Windows needs for a successful boot is known as which of the following?


The size of a hard drive that will fit in a laptop is which of the following?


Which SATA standard supports a data transfer rate of 3 Gb/sec?


What technology allows you to configure two or more hard drives to work together as an array of drives?


When an external enclosure connects hard drives to the network using an Ethernet port, this is known as which of the following?


Which RAID level mirrors one hard drive with a second drive so that the same data is written to both drives?


How many hard drives are necessary to implement RAID 10?


When the OS addresses the sectors on a hard drive as one long list of sequential sectors, what is this technology called?

logical block addressing

In an SSD drive, flash memory is stored on what kind of chips?


Which type of memory card is the most popular memory cards today?

Secure Digital

What type of file system is used by Blu-ray discs?


Which of the following optical discs can hold up to 4.7 GB of data?


How many pins does a SATA power cable have?

15 pins

Which type of tape cartridge can hold up to 3.0 TB of compressed data?


How many pins does a SATA internal data cable have?

7 pins

Which RAID level stripes data across multiple drives to improve performance and also provides fault tolerance?


What is the most common spindle speed of today’s magnetic hard drives?


The ability to connect and disconnect a drive while the system is running is known as which of the following?


Which of the following is internal storage used instead of using an SSD drive in inexpensive mobile devices?

Embedded MMC

Which of the following describes the number of spots or pixels on a screen that can be addressed by software?


Which wireless technology has a range of up to 10 centimeters?


After installing a video card, if you see nothing but a black screen when starting up the system, what should you do first to troubleshoot the problem?

use UEFI/BIOS setup to ensure an onboard video port is disabled

What type of port can be used to connect a sound card to external sound equipment?


Which type of video port mixes together the red, green, and blue signals and has only a single pin in the center of the port?


Horizontally torn images on-screen are referred to as which of the following?


When installing cards in an expansion slot, why is it a good idea to leave an empty slot between cards?

to help with airflow

What utility can you use to ensure that an embedded port on the motherboard is enabled?


When speakers in a laptop start sounding weak or unclear, what should you try first to troubleshoot the problem?

update the speaker drivers

What type of device is used for user authentication?

biometric device

Which of the following terms best describe the total memory that may be available to the video subsystem?

Total Available Graphics Memory

What types of wireless transmission requires a line-of-sight clearance?


When you hear one or no beep during the boot and you see a blank screen, what can you then assume the problem must be?

the problem is with the monitor or monitor cable

Which port type provides transfer rates up to 480 Mbps and supports cable lengths up to 5 meters?

Hi-Speed USB (2.0)

Which of the following ports has a maximum data transmission speed of 6.0 Gbps?

eSATA version 3

When you plug in a device before installing the drivers, what utility runs automatically?

Device Setup

What command do you use to find out what versions of DirectX your video card is using?


Which of the following occurs when a static image stays on a monitor for many hours leaving a permanent impression of that image on the monitor?


How many pins does a FireWire 800 connector use?

9 pins

Which type of video port supports both analog and digital signals?


How does a client application identify a server application on another computer on the network?

port address

What type of server resolves fully qualified domain names to IP addresses?

DNS server

If a network is using private IP addresses, what can be implemented so a computer on that network can access the Internet?


What are IP addresses called that begin with 10, 172.16, or 192.168?

private IP addresses

At what port does an SMTP email server listen to receive email from a client computer?

port 25

How many bits are in a MAC address?

48 bits

What are the last 64 bits of an IPv6 IP address called?

interface ID

Which log file contains a list of items examined and actions taken by the startup repair process?


What type of IPv6 address begins with 2000::?


Which protocol can be used to send IPv6 packets over an IPv4 network?


How many bits are in an IPv6 IP address?

128 bits

Which of the following technologies experiences the most latency?


When using DSL to connect to the Internet, the data transmission shares the cabling with what other technology?

regular telephone

What is the name of the port used by a dial-up modem?


Which of the following broadband technologies offers equal bandwidth for both upload and download?


The T586B wiring standard has which colored pair using pins 1 and 2?


Which tool can you use to verify that a network port on a computer is good?

loopback plug

Which type of cabling uses a covering or shield around each pair of wires inside the cable?


Which twisted pair category can support 10Gig Ethernet?


Which command allows administrators to manage Active Directory domains and trust relationships for Windows Server from a command prompt?


Which command can be used to connect or disconnect a computer from a shared resource or can display information about connections?

net use

Which type of cable is used to connect two like devices such as a hub to a hub?

crossover cable

A cellular network or cellular WAN consists of cells, and each cell is controlled by which of the following?

base station

What is the maximum length of cable on a 100BaseT network?

100 meters

Which TCP/IP utility can be used to display TCP/IP configuration information?


What technology is used when power is transmitted on a network cable?


Which type of cable uses an F connector?

TV Coaxial

Which tool can help you find a network cable in the walls of a building?

toner probe

Which tool is used to firmly attach an RJ-45 connector to a network cable?


Which wiring standard is required for all U.S. government installations?


What device is considered just a pass-through distribution point, without regard for what kind of data is passing through and where the data might be going?


Which of the following is a reason to use an impact printer?

tractor fed paper is needed

Which type of printer has a print head that moves across the width of the paper, using pins to print a matrix of dots on the page?


Which of the following is an easy way to eliminate the printer as the problem when troubleshooting printing problems?

print a self-test page

What type of printer is most dependent on the quality of paper it uses to get the best printing results?


What technology is found on most processors today that must be enabled in UEFI/BIOS?


Windows 8 does not support which wireless printer connection option?

ad hoc Wi-Fi mode

Toner is placed onto the drum where the charge has been reduced during which step of laser printing?


Which of the following is an application that is graphics intensive and might be used on a CAD/CAM system?


Which printer cleaning tool is made of nylon fibers that are charged with static electricity and easily attract toner?

extension magnet brush

Which type of printer uses an imaging drum?


What is likely the problem when a portion of a complicated page with lots of graphics does not print?

printer does not have enough memory

What causes a ghosted image on a printout?

the drum is not fully cleaned

If you are building an audio/video editing workstation, which of the following components should you probably include?

16 GB of RAM

Which of the following is true regarding a virtualization workstation?

a hypervisor manages multiple VMs

Which feature should be enabled on a computer that is sharing a printer to allow remote users to use the printer if the computer is asleep?


Why should you make sure the paper being used in a printer is dry and not damp?

damp paper can cause paper jams

What happens when you send a document to the Microsoft XPS Document Writer printer?

an XPS file is created on your computer

In which of the seven steps of laser printing does a laser beam discharge high charge down to a lower charge, but only in places where toner should go?


How is a network printer identified on the network?

by its IP address

A printer that is attached to a computer using a USB port is referred to as which of the following?

local printer

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