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Which encryption method is used by WPA for wireless networks?


You want to implement 802.1x authentication on your wireless network. Which of the following will be required>


You want to connect your client computer to a wireless access point connected to your wired network air work. The network Admin tells you that the access point is configured to use WPA2 personal with the strongest encryption method possible. SSID broadcast is ruined off. Which of the following must you configure manually on the client. select three

SSID AES Preshared Key

You need to add security for your wireless network. You would like to use the most secure method. Which method should you implement.


You are concerned that the wireless access points may have been deployed within your organization without authorizations. What should you do. select two

Conduct a site survey Check the MAC addresses on devices connected to your wired switch

Your company security policy states that wireless networks are not to be used because of the potential security risk they present to your network. What type of security risk is this?

Rogue access point

An attacker is trying to compromise a wireless network that has been secured using WPA2-PSK and AES. She first tried using airsnort to capture packets, but found that she couldn’t break the encryption. What attack techniques did the attack us? select two

Pharming Evil twin

What is the LEAST secure place to locate an access point with an omni-directional antenna when creating a wireless cell?

Near a window

Which of the following measures will make your wireless network inviable to the casual attacker performing war driving?

Disable the SSID broadcast

You are the wireless network Admin for your organization. As the size of the organization has grown, you’ve decided to upgrade your wireless network to use 802.11x authentication instead of pre-shared keys. What should you do

Configure all wireless access points with client certs. Configure the RADIUS server with a server cert.

You are designing a wireless network implementation for a small business. The business deals with sensitive customer information, so data emanation must be reduced as mush as possible. the floor plan of the office is shown below…

A-Direciton B-Direction C-Omni-Direction D-Direciton E-Direciton F-Direciton G-Direciton

You need to implement a wireless network between two buildings on a college campus. A wired network has already been implemented within each building. the buildings are 100 meters apart. select two

High-gain Parabolic

Which of the following wireless security methods uses common shared key configured on the wireless access point and all wireless clients?

WEP, WPA Personal, and WPA2 Personal

You need to configure a wireless network. You want to use WPA2 Enterprise. Which of the following components will be part of your design? select two

AES encryption 802.1x

Match each WIFI jamming attach on the left with its corresponding description on the right.

Transmits radio signals at random amplitudes and frequencies/ Random noise jamming Transmits pulses of radio signals at random amplitudes and frequencies/Random pulse jamming Repeatedly transmits high-intensity, short-duration RF burst at a rapid pace/ Spark jamming

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