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BLANK tools gather information from sources such as emails text messages and tweets and make the information instantly and publicly available for use emergencies


BLANK tools enable groups of people to connect and exchange ideas

Social media

The gap in ease of access to technology is known as the BLANK divided


People are motivated to use their free time for altruistic purposes for BLANK BLANK BLANK reasons

Mastery, purpose, autonomy

BLANK results when Leisure Time and available tools allow us to engage in Creative Acts

Cognitive Surplus

Mastery is defined as

Feeling confident and excited about learning new skills

Autonomy is defined as

Working without continual Direction and control

Using the internet to get small donations from many people to start a business is called


QR or BLANK codes let any piece of print post a link to online information

Quick response

BLANK solicits online input from consumers


BLANK is redistributing goods or products we own by sharing them.

Collaborative consumption

A popular voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service is


The term computer BLANK is used to describe someone who is familiar enough with computers to understand their capabilities and limitations


BLANK provides the instructions that tell a computer what to do


Unwanted or junk email is called


Examples of being computer literate

Knowing how to avoid hackers and viruses, how to maintain and troubleshoot your computer , how to use the web efficiently

BLANK is a field of study focused on the management, processing and automatic retrieval of information

Information technology

The process of searching huge amounts of data seeking a pattern is called Data


Which of the following examples is the result of mining Road data to produce useful information?

An Excel spreadsheet listing all employees and their annual salaries in a random order

Raw data from questionnaires given at the mall

A printout of all sales taken from the register at the end of the day

Amazon providing you a list of products similar to others you’ve viewed

Amazon providing you with a list of products similar to others you’ve viewed

Software that can best be used to help create digital art

Adobe Illustrator

Faculty at universities often used course management software such as BLANK so that students can communicate outside of class and have easy access to class materials


The goal of BLANK technology research is to provide solutions to physical and health related problems


BLANK reality is the addition of digital information directly into our reality, either to add more detail or to remove unwanted visual effects


In medicine, 3D printing allows more stylish and less expensive designs for BLANK

Prosthetic limbs

BLANK replaces perceived reality with a different world

Virtual reality

Analyzing computer systems together potential legal evidence is computer


BLANK is our normal sense of the world around us enhanced with digital information

Augmented reality

BLANK behavior is not conforming to a set of approved standards of behavior.


Which of these is NOT a system of ethics?

Humanism, Reletivism, Divine Command Theory, Utilitarianism


The Gap in internet and Technical tools access around the world is known as the

Digital divide

The witness project hopes to stop BLANK abuses throughout the world

Human rights

The BLANK initiative it is rallying the sport of the world to identify mathematical genius

Next Einstein

Renting a bike at a kiosk in a large city is an example of

A printout of all sales taken from the register at the end of the day

BLANK is obtaining the opinions of other people on the quality of products


BLANK asks for small donations from a large number of people


BLANK means that we live a life which allows us extra time to do work and projects we care about

Cognitive surplus

Scanning a products BLANK code with a smartphone can take you to a website, a video, or if Facebook page for more information about the product


Skype, Google hangouts and Facetime are BLANK
services to make free phone or video conference calls over the Internet.


The term BLANK literate means bank familiar enough with computers to understand our capabilities in limitations and knowing how to use them


BLANK programs are the instructions that tell the computer what to do.


Electronic junk mail is known as


Using data collected at register terminals to determine consumer buying patterns is and example of

data mining

Using software such a as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Coral painter allows artist to create BLANK art


BLANK analyzes computer systems and techniques together legal evidence

Computer forensics

BLANK computing relates to recognizing and simulating human emotions


The Art Project is a collaboration of several BLANK
that allows online visitors to explore over a thousand pieces of art through tools similar to Google Street View.


an investment analyst starts a free nonprofit educational videos service call the

Khan Academy

Sim Venture is an example of BLANK software


BLANK enables production of more inexpensive and better fitting prosthetics than traditional manufacturing methods.


Understanding your BLANK will make it easier to handle situations which require ethical action


BLANK is the result of someone’s creativity and knowledge and usually is protected by copy rights

True or False
Autonomy is the feeling of confidence and excitement from seeing your own skills progress.


True or False
Purpose is the simple understanding that you are working for something larger than yourself.


True or false cognitive surplus is the combination of leisure time and creativity tools


True or false Zipcar is an example of ownership


True or false crowd funding is asking for large donations from a few people


True or false Ushahidi is a crisis mad bang tool that makes information instantly available to anyone in the world


True or false the AT&T Mobile app that lets customers report locations where there are gaps in service is and example of crowd sourcing


True or false a virus is electronic junk mail


True or false you cannot be computer illiterate unless you have knowledge of higher level computer skills, such as computer programming


True or false Hardware refers to the program that gives instructions to the computer


True or false computer forensics analyze is computer system and gathering potential legal evidence


Truer false be FDA has approved digest bowl microchip switch contains sensors that transmitted information about the patient to the doctor


Truer false effective computing is a field of study focused on managing processing and automatic retrieval of information


Master of software programs, such as Adobe Illustrator and Corel painter essential to creating digit art


True or false information technology is the study of managing, processing, and retrieving information


True or false examples of information Technology careers are telecommunications and software development


True or False
Big Data is generated by how we use technology, today.


True or false the National Center for the announces of violent crime database and tables detectives to analyze information about similarities between crimes


True or false data warehouse in is the process of searching large databases to find patterns


True or False
Deontology focuses on adherence to moral duties and morals should apply to everyone, equally.


True or False
Your personal ethics are NOT influenced by your culture and religion.


Combination of our normal since of the world and digital information

Augmented reality

Searching for patterns with enlarge amounts of data

Date mining

Field of study focusing on the management, process and, and retrieval of information

Information technology

Electronic junk mail


Combination of leisure time and the tools to be creative

Cognitive surpluss

Using computer systems to gather legal evidence

Computer forensics

Understanding the capabilities and limitations of computers

Computer literacy

Hosts link to online information and video content

QR code

Computing that simulates emotions

Affective computing

Sharing a services or a product better than owning it out right

Collaborative consumption

Used by marketers to solicit online consumer input

Crowd sourcing

Solicits small donations from a large number of people

Crowd funding

Get between those with access to technology and those without

Digital divide

Facilitate exchange of ideas

Social media

Collect electronic information and instantly makes information publicly available

Crisis mapping tools

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