06.03 – Cold War Quiz

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The political cartoon below was created in the mid-1900s:

What did the Red Smear in the cartoon symbolize?

false accusations that communists infiltrated the U.S government

The photograph below was taken after the testing of an atomic cannon:

The weapon shown above is an example of what? (5 points)

the belief of the U.S. Army that atomic weapons could be used on the battlefield

Why was Julius Rosenberg discharged from the Army in 1945?

He lied about being a member of the Communist Party.

What were Julius and Ethel Rosenberg executed for?

passing nuclear weapons secrets to the Soviet Union

During the Cold War, the U.S government developed various strategies to protect citizens during an attack. Which of the following Cold War protections are still in use today?

Interstate Highway System

The political cartoon below was created in the mid-1900s:

What statement summarizes the idea in this cartoon?

The Republicans were using the McCarthy hearings for political gain.

What is term used to describe people who were unable to find work because they had been accused of Communist sympathies?


What statement explains Ethel Rosenberg’s role in the espionage case?

She recruited her brother to pass secrets to the Soviets.

Which person played a minor role in the passing of atomic secrets to the Soviets?

Ethel Rosenberg

What was the first target of the HUAC hearings?

Communist infiltration in the entertainment industry

What was one point of the appeal of the death penalty for the Rosenbergs?

Their execution would leave their young sons orphans.

What was the result of President Truman’s Federal Employee Loyalty Program?

Fewer than a thousand federal employees were fired for security reasons.

Whose work at the Manhattan Project was important in the prosecution of the Rosenberg case?

David Greenglass

False accusations against which organization led to the demise of Senator Joseph McCarthy?

the U.S. Army

The Rosenbergs were charged with the crime of espionage. What is espionage?

spying on the government

Who was the chief organizer of the spy ring that passed secrets to the Soviets through Klaus Fuchs?

Julius Rosenberg

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