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The origin of the term "genocide" and international laws to prevent it followed

World War II

"We did not act quickly enough after the killing began. We should not have allowed the refugee camps to become safe havens for the killers. We did not immediately call these crimes by their rightful name—genocide."—President Bill Clinton

Which of the following geographic areas of people was President Clinton giving a speech to when he made these remarks?


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called the Internet and mobile technology the

"town square of the 21st century," and it played a key role in the 2011 protests of Egypt

Which of the following foreign policy positions is based on diplomacy?


The highest court in the judicial branch of the United States is the

U.S. Supreme Court

The court of last resort in each U.S. state is

often called a supreme court

"The right of citizens of the United States to vote in any primary or other election for President or Vice President, for electors for President or Vice President, or for Senator or Representative in Congress, shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any State by reason of failure to pay any poll tax or other tax."

Which of the following reflects the source and impact of this quote?

The 24th amendment prevents disenfranchisement of low-income voters by banning any state from allowing its voter locations to charge voters a fee in order to cast a ballot.

The Mexican government has struggled to control the production and trade of illegal drugs. As a result, the United States has

increased security along the coasts and border areas with Mexico to try to stop the entry of illegal drugs

The United States intervened in Vietnam to

preserve an independent and democratic South Vietnam, but it withdrew and the country united under communism

Which of the following policy issue or regulation areas best relates to this data map?

slash and burn agriculture

Based on this map, which of the following countries is a top producer of oil?

Saudi Arabia

Based on this map, most international programs to expand access to safe drinking water would be expected to target countries in

Northern Africa

Which of the following is true about the Emancipation Proclamation?

It secured the freedom of slaves in states that seceded from the nation.

The 13th to 15th amendments of the U.S. Constitution

extended citizenship and voting rights to former slaves

The Supreme Court interpreted the Fifth Amendment in

Miranda v. Arizona to mean that accused people have a right to be informed of their rights

The significance of the Texas v. Johnson case is that it extended the right

of free speech to cover flag burning

The Supreme Court extended the right of privacy implied by the 14th Amendment to include a woman’s right to

have an abortion, with restrictions, through the case Roe v. Wade

Those who favor election of judges to their positions believe it

NOT (leads to higher-quality judicial decisions because the judges are not pressured by the views of the public)

Around the world, the most common method for selecting judges is


Thomas Jefferson would have supported

election of judges as a way to check judicial power

The United States can be described as both indirectly democratic and


Decision-making power in an autocracy is in the control of

a single individual

Which of the following statements about judicial review is correct?

It is the power of the judicial branch to determine whether a law is acceptable under the Constitution, as established by the case Marbury v. Madison.

Can the U.S. Supreme Court provide advice to the other branches regarding Constitutional interpretation?

No, the process of judicial review is limited to specific cases and controversies per the Constitution.

When the U.S. Supreme Court rules on a constitutional issue, the

decision is final unless overturned by a constitutional amendment or new court decision

Which of the following is true about state court systems?

Each state government organizes its court system under its state constitution.

Which of the following cases would be heard in a U.S. District Court?

a person claiming her state court of last resort violated her rights under the Constitution

A tree from June’s yard fell and demolished Benny’s car. Benny is suing June for negligence of her property and damage to his property. Which of the following is correct?

The trial would begin in a state-level court of original jurisdiction and go to a state appellate court if either side appeals the case.

Based on this map, which of the following countries would you expect to have the least opportunity for citizen political participation?


Based on this map, which of the following countries would be described as having the greatest degree of democratization?


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