04.08 Compositional Techniques Quiz

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Some studies have indicated that our eyes naturally travel from bottom left to top right, so putting the diagonal along that path can take advantage of our eye patterns.


When you take a photograph of a person or animal looking to one side of the photograph, it is also often a good idea to include active space in front of the person or animal.


You should avoid "S" curves in your photographs.


A common mistake that people make when taking photographs is to have TOO MUCH empty spaces in their photographs.


You should always follow the Rule of Thirds.


Composition is the visual arrangement or placement of the elements in a photograph.


Uncomplicated backgrounds will often make a good photograph even better by introducing more of a dynamic feel to the photograph.


One practice that you should get into the habit of doing is to check what lines will be in the photograph that you are taking.


Horizontal lines should be avoided in photographs because they make the photograph appear small


If the horizon is sloping, it is a good sign that the photograph is not straight.

Using the Rule of Thirds, what is the best position to put objects of interest?

At the four intersecting points

Keeping it simple means that the reason for your photograph is what?


What does "framing" mean?

Blocking some elements within the photograph in order to show off other elements

You can create a dreamy look to a photograph by using a large aperture and then either focusing on an unimportant piece of the photograph or focusing well in front of or behind your main subject.


You should always leave active space in front of a moving object.


Tunnels and archways can be used as frames in photographs.


You can put a small level on your camera to help keep the horizons straight.


Active space is important in which type of photograph?


Which of the following is a "rule" that you should pay attention to when taking photographs?

Make sure your lines are straight

Before taking a photograph, which of the following should you check?

That the lines in the photograph are straight

What might help you get a new perspective on a subject?

Taking a photograph while lying on the ground

When breaking one of the "rules" of photography, it should be which of the following?


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