04.06 The New Deal

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Which of these New Deal opponents advocated an idea that was adopted during the Second New Deal?

Francis Townsend

Besides providing funds to those in need, which of the following may have been another goal of the Social Security Act?

to encourage older workers to retire so younger workers had more jobs available

What was the primary goal of the New Deal?

provide economic relief, reform, and recovery

What was one major difference between the First New Deal and the Second New Deal?

The First New Deal tried to restore basic economic functions, and the Second New Deal tried to improve people’s lives.


National Minimum Wage













U.S. Department of Labor; Source: http://www.dol.gov/whd/minwage/chart.htm

What conclusion is best supported by the data in this table?

The Fair Labor Standards Act still affects workers’ wages today.

With which New Deal agency did the National Recovery Administration most closely work?

Public Works Administration

What was the purpose of the Agricultural Adjustment Act?

to raise depressed crop prices

A cartoon shows President Franklin D. Roosevelt showing a drawing of the Supreme Court building with two new large buildings on either side that have flags labelled FDR flying on top. Under the buildings, it says, New Deal Plan for Enlarged Supreme Court. Roosevelt is saying Harold, I may want to do this. How about a PWA grant? The man looking on has dropped his hat, which is labelled Ickes and looks at the drawing of the court with surprise.
© Stringer / Archive Photos / Getty Images / Universal Images Group / Image Quest 2015

What statement best describes the artist’s viewpoint in this cartoon?

Roosevelt’s plans to expand the Supreme Court were not well thought out.

What was one short-term effect of the Emergency Banking Act?

People stopped rushing to banks to withdraw all their savings.

What was one long-term effect of the work of the Civilian Conservation Corps?

New forests and improved lands flourished around the nation.

Why did critics dislike the Agricultural Adjustment Act?

They believed the free market should be the only factor in farm prices.

Why were radio comedies so popular during the 1930s?

Comedies offered a chance for people to forget their worries.

A political cartoon shows Uncle Sam rising from behind a large desk. There is a large question mark over his head. In front of him, President Franklin D. Roosevelt is sitting with five ventriloquist dummies dressed like judges. They are labeled Packed Court and are saying Yes, yes, we all vote yes! At the top of the cartoon the title reads, Do we want a ventriloquist act in the Supreme Court?
© Fotosearch / Archive Photos / Getty Images / Universal Images Group/ Image Quest 2015

What was the end result of the proposal illustrated in this cartoon?

No changes were made to the Supreme Court

Which of these was a part of the First New Deal?

Public Works Administration

How did the Banking Act of 1933 make banks more stable in the long run?

It separated commercial and investment banking.

What did the Civilian Conservation Corps primarily work on?

forest land

Which of the following was built by the Tennessee Valley Authority?


Which of the following was created by the Banking Act of 1933?

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Why were Americans most likely willing to accept such a large growth of the federal government?

Federal programs helped their own lives.

What did the Emergency Banking Act allow the government to do?

to reorganize and reopen banks with enough money to operate

The passage of the Wagner Act legalized which of the following?

labor unions

Which of the following most contributed to Roosevelt’s landslide win in 1932?

Hoover’s policies had failed to provide sufficient economic relief.

The Fair Labor Standards Act outlawed

child labor

Which law most directly led to the General Motors sit-down strike in 1936?

Wagner Act

Huey Long criticized the New Deal based on which of the following beliefs?

The New Deal did not go far enough to redistribute wealth

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