04.02 The Roaring Twenties

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Which area of the economy benefited from the policies of the Harding administration?

labor unions

foreign governments

domestic businesses

agricultural producers


During the 1920s, what was the goal of the United States’ tariffs?

help European government repay their war debts

keep foreign workers from replacing U.S. workers

encourage U.S. manufacturers to trade with Europe

protect U.S. businesses from competition


How did Coolidge’s economic policies relate to Harding’s?

Like Harding, Coolidge wanted to help workers’ rights.

Unlike Harding, Coolidge worked to raise falling crop prices.

Like Harding, Coolidge tried to keep government out of business.

Unlike Harding, Coolidge believed in limited government regulation of business.


Which of the following was a goal of the Harding administration?

raising crop prices

encouraging free trade

increasing revenues

balancing the national budget


What was the long-term effect of speculation on Florida?

Many people could no longer afford to live there.

Investors moved to the state permanently.

Residents’ wages grew to keep up with rising rents.

The government taxed property and income at high rates.


How did the introduction of the assembly line affect Ford’s factory workers?

Workers stopped trying to win better wages through unions.

Workers’ jobs became more complex and interesting.

Workers had easier jobs and shorter hours.

Workers made less money despite learning new skills.


Which of these had the greatest effect in ending the Florida land boom?

decreased tourism and high taxes

stalled road and railway construction

speculation and high land prices

poor weather and natural disasters


The introduction of which of the following most contributed to declining automobile prices during the 1920s?

protective tariffs

consumer advertisements

installment plans

assembly lines


What modern innovation is Henry Ford’s most lasting contribution?

installment plans

assembly line

new advertising techniques

scientific management


Which of these most contributed to the economic boom of the early 1920s?

increased consumerism

low unemployment

free trade

low agricultural prices


What was one result of advertisements like this one during the early 1920s?

A large billboard reads, 50 foot lots here. $745 and up. Easy terms. Tatum Bros. Company, owners and developers. 150-154 E. Flagler St. Miami. The poles holding up the billboard say Ocean Front, Riparian Rights, Protective Restrictions, Pure Water, Electric Lights, and Paved Streets.
Florida Department of State Division of Library and Information Services

The population of Florida declined rapidly.

People began visiting Florida as tourists for the first time.

Companies stopped trying to sell air-conditioning to Florida consumers.

Florida experienced a land boom encouraged by speculation.


Which conclusion is supported by this image?

Advertisement that shows a car with the words, Never before such beauty and quality for so little money. A woman in the drivers seat is being handed some bags from a bellhop. Two other women sit in the back of the car. There are smaller pictures of other automobiles with different features. The prices are shown for each model and are between $455 and $585.
© Bridgeman Art Library / Universal Images Group / Image Quest 2015

consumers had little money to buy luxury goods during the 1920s

prices for automobiles rose during the 1920s because of limited foreign competition.

demand for automobiles dropped during the 1920s and resulted in lower automobiles prices.

low prices made automobiles available to many Americans


Which statement best describes installment plans?

Consumers made small, regular payments on large purchases.

Consumers saved small amounts each month towards a large purchase.

Businesses paid workers each week for work they had completed.

Businesses had workers install the same piece on every product.


What does this image most suggest about advertising techniques during the 1920s?

An advertisement shows several women and a man on an outdoor patio by the beach. They are surrounding a large wooden box that has a crank on the side. The top of the ad says, Columbia Grafanola, music wherever you are.
Public Domain

Advertisers focused only on selling everyday household goods.

Advertisers tried to appeal to consumers’ wants rather than their needs.

Advertisers often conducted surveys of their clients to learn about their preferences.

Advertisers rarely worked to sell a particular brand rather than an overall group of products.


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