03.09 Aperture and Shutter Speed Quiz

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The landscape mode would be the one you’d choose if you wanted a close-up of a flower.


You can always rely on the light meter in the camera to tell you the right aperture and shutter speed settings for the right exposure.


Most photographs will be made using a shutter speed of 1/60 or faster


For the best night photographs, you’ll need to have a camera with a shutter speed of about three to thirty seconds.


Night photographs are usually taken by just holding the camera and shooting the photograph.


Shutter speed affects how much light enters the camera, while aperture affects how long the light enters the camera.


The smaller the f-stop, or f-value, the larger the opening in the aperture is.


With today’s digital cameras, there is really no need to learn about how to set aperture and shutter speed.


Macro mode is used to take landscape photographs of subjects fairly far from the camera.


The advantage of a digital camera in taking nighttime photographs is that you can see the results right away.


In the portrait mode, your camera will automatically use the smallest aperture possible.


Working with manual mode requires the most knowledge about how the various aspects of the camera work.


Shutter priority mode is often represented as an "S" or "TV" on the camera controls


Aperture is measured in what?


In night mode, you will want to use which of the following?

A tripod

Aperture priority mode is considered which of the following?


What does a shutter speed of one mean?

The shutter will stay open for one second.

For which of the following would you choose the macro mode?

A close-up of a flower

A shallow depth of field means that what part of the photo will be in focus?

Only a small portion that you choose

If you wanted to take a picture of someone playing soccer, which mode would you be most likely to try?

Shutter priority

In portrait mode, your camera will use what?

A larger aperture

Which camera mode gives the photographer the greatest amount of control?


Which of the following has the largest aperture opening?


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