03.07 Peace, Demobilization, and Next Steps

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Which statement about the League of Nations is true?

It was rejected by the Big Four.

It was supported by Henry Cabot Lodge.

It was strengthened by American support.

It was weakened by American refusal to join.


Which of Wilson’s Fourteen Points did he feel was the most important or significant?

freedom of the seas

reduction in arms by all nations

creation of the League of Nations

self-determination for colonies


What was the goal of the Dawes Plan?

to encourage American isolationism

to punish Germany for its role in the war

to allow Germany to pay reparations to France and Great Britain

to allow industry in Great Britain a chance to rebuild after the war


What affected the American economy immediately after World War I?

increase in international trade

demobilization of the military

rise in the demand for consumer goods

tariffs placed by European nations on American imports


Why did isolationist senators object to the League of Nations?

Member nations could not establish trade relations.

Other members of the League of Nations were Central Powers.

The United States would pay all the financial costs of the league

Member nations had to defend other members if they were attacked.


What did the isolationist sentiment in the United States result in after World War I?

high tariffs


ratification of the Treaty of Versailles

high unemployment


Which statement about peace negotiations is false?

The Big Four leaders directed the peace negotiations.

France and England ruled parts of the former Ottoman Empire.

Germany was made to pay huge reparations to England and France.

Russia was allowed to take a leadership role in the peace negotiations.


What is the term for the period when nations stop fighting so they can arrange peace?


war guilt




On which country did the war-guilt clause in the Treaty of Versailles place the blame for World War I?

Great Britain


Austria Hungary



The belief that all nations should enjoy self-determination was expressed in what document?

League of Nations charter

Treaty of Versailles

Fourteen Points speech

Fourteen Reservations amendments


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