Should students have to pass a basic skills test to graduate high school?

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Primary skill test is one of the best ways to ascertain that students have at least learned the basics of education and interaction. The main form of skills that are usually tested includes comprehension reading skills, analytical skills, and even writing skills. Once students are deficient of these which apply in different areas, such students will always find it hard to write, and mostly their writing will be unsatisfactory. This may include the existence of poor grammar in their written work. In addition; students will find it difficult to identify all areas in which they need improvement (McClelland and David 1).

Over the past two decades, there has been an upsurge in demand for highly skilled and college-educated workforce across the globe. Nevertheless, it is shocking to unveil that those college students who are seeking employment are to not up to the required skills. Precisely, they are educated yes but lack the basic skills to perform the various job requirements (McClelland and David 1). This clearly indicates that the students who go to colleges are not ripe for it. There is a lot they need to do so that they can graduate successfully from high school to college with the right basic skills.

The aftermaths of avoiding tests before graduating to high school have got immense negative consequences. For instance, those who manage to get admitted to join college without undertaking a test for basic skills have found hard in colleges forcing them to have extra remedial classes and other placement so that they can be on the same page with others.

The end result has only been to increase the costs of education which many are now finding it hard to sustain. If they had been tested before being admitted to college, they would not have been admitted to remedial classes for skill improvement.

Even though literature has already expressed their concerns about this downfall and the need for having a student be tested before joining college, the general public has failed to understand and appreciate the importance of testing basic skills (Hoy et al 26).

Likewise, many schools have sluggishly shown interest in implementing robust means through which this can be implemented with the aim of ensuring that those who join colleges have the right skills for the job market. As result of this failure, it has been upon the federal states to ensure that the student fully passes college exams tests to fully match the workforce requirement.

The need for testing students before graduating to colleges has been there over time. The indications and the outcry of employees is the main reason of conducting graduation exams for basic skills. Lack of basic skills has caused overcrowding in many institutions with remedial classes. For instance, studies in Georgia indicate that nearly 30% of those students who had graduated with preparatory diploma courses were forced to attend remedial classes. This only increased their cost of education (Hoy et al 26). Studies from the UK also indicated that the country is ailing from a state where the majority of the graduated have no basic skills to face job requirements (McCallumore et al 447-457).

Eventually, when they fail to have the minimal skills requirement, the final effect is that this population is rendered jobless thus increasing the levels of unemployment in the country. In addition to this, California University has been forced to create remedial classes for those students who are presumed to lack the basic skills for job employment opportunities (Hoyt, and Jeff 51-72). These empirical cases are a clear indication that yes indeed, students should have passed their basic skill test before graduating to college.

Many educators have also expressed their concern that students who fail to test graduation test before graduating to high school had experienced inflation in their grades. In addition, lack of proper preparatory courses in high schools which are aimed at promoting skills is the primary reason for increased remedial classes.  McCallumore et al 447-457).

The remarkable side of it is that you will constantly come across an education system which is blaming each other for the lack of knowledge and skills among college schools. All the way from kindergarten, to high school, blames are rampant as a clear indication that basic skills test should be mandatory (Hoyt, and Jeff 51-72).

Another reason why students from high school should be subjected to graduation test is that those results are vital in helping the schools improve their teaching methodology and the overall learning system. Graduation test can evaluate the knowledge of the student about what they have been offered by the school. The value of their results may indicate areas of weakness which require further improvement (Hoyt, and Jeff 51-72).

Basic skills such as Math and English are the main trajectory in our daily lives. Such skills help us to communicate and engage without friends in a better way. Therefore when students bypass the testing of these skills, they will find it hard to relate to each other. Repudiating to take graduation tests generates greater unfairness in our learning system. If students do not take high school graduation tests, we will not be able to identify those areas of weakness and accordingly respond to them with the best additional resources (McCallumore et al 447-457).

The high school Smarter Balanced skill tests can be used for college placement exam. Those students from high school who can score above level 2 are eligible for direct enrollment to any college or university without being subjected to graduation test. The regular college graduation test, as well as career, focused evaluation offers students with vital chance to escape paying for remedial classes while at college and other universities (McCallumore et al 447-457).

Taking tests is a part of life. From all aspect of life, tests are mandatory. The main aim of the test is to select only those who are competent and fit for the task ahead of them. Tests are thus inescapable in our life cycle. Drivers need to be tested so that they can drive or be issued with a driving license. Doctors alike are given a test before the issuance of practicing license. Thus it is the best way to start testing students as early as from high school so that when they are confronted with such scenario in life, they don’t shy away. Testing helps us to ensure that students remain on track (McClelland and David 1).

Furthermore, it is also important to note that the reason for high school graduation test is simply to differentiate between competencies and the intelligence of the students. Knowledge, competencies, and skills are the main aspects which are likely to prepare the student to face the challenging and dynamic future. Some student may seem to be bright but lack key competencies in certain areas that will automatically question their credentials (McCallumore et al 447-457).

High school graduation test provide a significant measure of student basic skills. High school assessments, a prerequisite for all the students, guarantee students proceed with elementary skills and knowledge that prepares the students to pursue a college education in addition to career opportunities.

High Students ought to prove skills improvement before they move on and can graduate. Nobody would wish his or her child to graduate from college and lack employment due to lack of skills. The only way to stop additional cost incurred for remedial classes, the education system should ensure that those students who do not meet the threshold of joining colleges do not join until they poses the needed skills. (Hoyt, and Jeff 51-72).

If student’s pass graduation tests they will be entitled to have certificates. Those who fail the basic skill test will be required to put in more effort and retake the test. If they fail, they miss their diploma too until that time when they will prove that their skills match the diploma. This, in turn, will help the students to be more determined in course work as well as the development of their skills (McClelland and David 1).

Studies conducted showed that the expectations of the employer are that all college students should have the minimal skills in communication or teamwork. When a student poses these skills, they are likely to work with the very person they come by. It is easy for them to solve issues on their own without directly involving the management.

In addition, critical thinking and aptitude skills are essential in making decisive decisions which affect the job place. Aptitude skills will define how a college student is going to respond and tolerate ambiguity for the benefit of the organization. Precise and accurate decisions are the basis for organization performance. Some college students have missed job while still in college as a result of lacking the basic skills like communication, and organizing skills (Hoyt, and Jeff 51-72).

In summary, it’s imperative to be sure that high school graduates are bold enough to take risks and chances outside their classrooms. The only way to be sure of this is to subject them to tests. If high schools are going to push children through basic skills graduation tests, what is it that fool persons contemplate that they will have the needed skills to progress their life? If we are going to force a lot of students through high school and fail to teach them basic skills which are applicable in life, what makes us the reason that they will truly work for their living?

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