Inspiring a Life of Immersion

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The idea of world transformation through innovation and entrepreneurship is exciting as one does not only get a chance to change his or her life but also the life of the whole society and that of the world. High level of poverty is a problem in many regions of the world, and the majority of the population especially in the developing countries, live a life below the poverty line.

It is crucial for individuals to learn how to make use of the locally available resources and take advantage of the laid out infrastructure and channels to seek for funding to change their lives for the better. In the Ted talk, Jacqueline Novogratz talks about the world being faced with the challenge of the financial crisis, global warming, fear, and idleness. Consequently, it is the high time for people to start acting and come up with solutions to these problems facing the globe and in their small way contribute to the local, national and international financial growth.

The awareness of taking advantage of the available resources to curb poverty through offering solutions to chronic problems in the society can be applied to my life by coming up with entrepreneurial ideas and projects that better the lives of the community. I would ensure that I come up with innovative projects that concentrate on energy saving and poverty eradication. Notably, the key innovations I would produce would incorporate taking advantage of the microfinancing institutions and requesting for monetary assistance to finance my projects. Also, the innovations would be geared towards solving the fundamental challenges faced by the community and the whole world. By doing so, I will not only have the ability to change my life but also the lives of many other community members who are motivated to better their lives. Evaluation of my efforts to poverty eradication through innovation would be based on the positive progress of the individual members of the community and also a contribution to the solution of the world leading challenge of global warming.


The road of transformation and immersion is the only way in which a person can influence the world. Finally, proper leadership is a fundamental tool that an individual may use to create a positive impact on the world.

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