Ethics and Social Responsibility at Coca-Cola Company

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Coca-Cola Company is the largest manufacturer and supplier of carbonated soft drinks. The company was invented by John Pemberton in 19th century. In 1889, Asa Candler bought the formulation and brand and later incorporated the company in 1892 (Pendergrast, 2013). The company began manufacturing of it bottle in 1916 that has since remained the recognized shape of Coca-Cola up to date.

In 1928, Coca-Cola expanded it market overseas by introducing its brand to the Olympic Games for the very first time. The company expanded its brands with new flavors which includes; Fanta, Fresca and sprite in 1960 (Pendergrast, 2013). The company currently spans its market globally in Africa, Asia Pacific, Eurasia, Europe, Latin America and North America. Today the company is one of the most popular brand selling more than 1.4 billion of beverages daily (Pendergrast, 2013).

Coca Cola’s code of conduct guides their operations hence proving that acting ethically is a priority for them. The company has emphasized on the importance of corporate social responsibility within itself and its partner companies.

The acceptance of the company on reporting according to GRI guidelines makes the company act ethically on environmental, labor and human rights related issues. It also respects the diversity in the work place, giving equal opportunities as well as eliminating discrimination in the work place. This makes employees comfortable in the company hence increasing their efficiency (Mallin, 2013)

Coca-Cola Company is committed to working on its own ethical guidelines. This puts the company at a lower risk of being fined for poor behavior and also less likely to find itself in the breach of laws such as environmental practice policies or being involved in corrupt practices. These ethical guidelines enables the company to maintain its reputation.

On Corporate Social Responsibility, the company aims to give back 1% of its annual income for charitable causes. Coca-Cola has initiated various CSR programs such as educating and empowering worker. In 2012-2013, Coca-Cola was mention in the world’s 25 Best Multinational Workplaces compiled Great Place to Work ® Institute (Eweje, 2014).. It strives to maintain labor and human rights among its employees by providing hiring without discrimination thus promoting cultural diversity in its workforce. It also promotes health and safety of both its workers and customers (Eweje, 2014). It complies with the set workplace policies to ensure it workers are save and insured. On environmental issues, the company has improved its energy consumption and measure are in place to further reduce it energy use. It aims to reduce carbon footprint by 25% by the year 2020.  It is committed to balance water consumption through the use of replenished water from it finished beverages (Eweje, 2014).

The Coca-Cola Foundation has contributed much in providing clean water and hygiene education to more than 110,000 people in various parts of the world. The company also provides scholarship for higher education in the United States through the Coca-Cola Scholarship Foundation. In collaboration with UNIDAS, the company has helped in addressing the HIV/AIDS epidemic worldwide hence a reduction of new infections (Pendergrast, 2013).

The Coke Studio in India and Pakistan has become sensational and is regarded as critical for preservation and promotion of culture and music of the region. The recent initiative in Middle East set to provide telephone services through the use of bottle cap is considered a genuine effort to help people in need.

Due to the company strong reputation, the company has created loyalty, trust among its customers, and the strongest brand recognition.

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