Crows and Sparrows Movie Review

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Crows and Sparrows (1949) address the issue of Crows and Sparrows argue that The film-maker was convinced to represent the need of bringing out economic circumstances. He clearly adheres to that and vividly shows how economy can be affected by war in a country. What I can say about this statement is that it is true because it clearly states in the book mentions “Production starting in April 1949 but did see its end until after the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) overcome the National Party (KMT).” (82).

In the film, the story line is about KMT army (highly ranked) selling citizens house against the owner’s will and permission. The official; Mr. Hou runs away to Taiwan. At this point, the aim of the narrator is to let people know that people in power can do whatever they want and no one questions as stated by Conner (78). But for citizen, they have to experience effects of war, high inflation of money, even more worse is how they end up living low lives like a sparrow.

At the beginning of the story, Conner (85) reveals that an anonymous person comes looking around the house and talking about the price of a house he does not own. More interestingly, the original owner of the house (Mr. Kong) lives there as a tenant. Other tenants try to convince Kong to prevent that from happening. From this event, it is quite clear that citizens do not have the power to do anything with those officials as much as the house belongs to them. The officials are so mean that they only care about themselves, and the people to suffer from that are the citizens

A couple living in the same house think they have found the solution by buying the house from the army. The original plan is to trade the house with 2000 yuan per piece of gold but at the end, the price of gold goes high three times of the original price, that is 6500 yuan per piece of gold. From that event, conclusively there is no way the couple will afford that kind of money (Conner 98). Therefore, it is deduced that one effect of war is inflation going up, what you buy today using paper money one may not afford it tomorrow with the same amount (A, Roger and Fund. 182). Citizens are the ones to suffer starvation due unstable economy brought up by war.


From such a short story, is very clear that people in power are mean and only care about themselves. Whatever they do will affect citizens in one way or another and most of the times suffering is always the outcome. Inflation is one of the problem suffered by the citizens in the movie because a gold to be sold at 2000 yuan shoots to 6500 yuan within a short period of time.

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