Corporate Social Responsibility at Apple Inc.

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Corporate social responsibility is important because an organization takes responsibility for its effects on not only the social well-being of the community but also the environment. This is especially important in today’s world where corporate social responsibility has a bearing on the financial success of an organization. In this context, the company of interest is, Apple Inc., the multinational technology company. Apple Inc. has gained massive popularity over the years for its quality technology appliances such as the Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple watch. The largest selling point of the company is arguably its brand. The quality associated with Apple products has created a very loyal following for its products. With the massive following by loyal customers, it is important to explore Apple’s initiatives that contribute to the society.

            In 2015, Apple Inc. launched the Apple Global Volunteer Program which was first rolled out in the United States, Cork, Ireland, and Sydney, Australia. The volunteer program encourages employees of the corporation to volunteer in their local communities. The employees first receive the necessary training to promote local volunteer activities that improve their local communities (Gurman, 2015). Employees can even choose projects in their local communities that they would want to contribute. The program has donated more than 78 million to charities and non- profits around the world since its inception.

            The consideration of labor and human rights at Apple Inc. is another example of corporate social responsibility. Apple does this through the supplier code of conduct which seeks to protect the rights of all people that contribute to the company’s supply chain. The company has ensured that there is 95 percent compliance among its suppliers especially regarding a maximum 60- hour workweek. In addition to this, the company ensures that all its affiliates work to preserve the environment. This stand by Apple has helped create a gold standard with regards to human rights in the technology industry. Taking care of the individuals who ensure its success is the greatest way to appreciate them. The Apple Supplier Employee Health and Safety Academy aims to improve the health and safety of employees in the industry. 240 suppliers of the corporation and 270,000 workers have participated in the program. Research by Apple’s ergonomics department has also influenced the health of employees around the world by helping manage workstation design changes (Dudovskiy, 2017).

            Apple’s consideration of the environment is also part of corporate social responsibility especially with regard to water and energy consumption. The corporation has been acclaimed for the low total power consumption of its products which even exceed energy star guidelines. All Apple data centers around the world run on 100 percent renewable energy which shows the company’s commitment to protecting the environment. Apple launched the Clean Water Program in 2013 with an aim of increasing efficiency as regards water usage. By 2015, 75 of the company’s supplier facilities had joined the program. The cooling systems used in Apple’s data centers can reuse water up to 25 times. “In 2015, the company converted about 120,000 square feet of previously grass lawns to drought-tolerant landscape, translating to estimated water savings of up to 6 million gallons per year” (Dudovskiy, 2017).

            Apple’s initiatives are an indication of a company that really cares about the community and the environment. Apple’s CSR efforts have really increased since Tim Cook took over as the company’s Chief Executive Officer indicating a change in direction for the better. Apple is now regarded as one of the most socially responsible companies in the world.

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