Contrast and Compare in Mission and Vision

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A mission statement assessment is a promise a company gives to its self. It reflects and shows the purpose of a company to an excellent point seeing where it is heading. Before a company sets this goal, they should consider asking themselves whether their mission was to satisfy their customers thus also discovering their reason for their existence. The primary purposes of creating mission and visions in companies are to sphere head the direction of the enterprise. A company with no commitments that direct to visions and missions are usually lost. Therefore it is very key for a company to have such. We are going to look at two brands that are internationally renowned, analyze their vision and mission statements to see whether they were sphere headed by them. We are also going to compare and contrast the company as we explain how their performance are affected by this goals.

Toyota Company has been in existence from 1937. It is known to be a strong brand in the world (Adubato Steve, 2011). As a favorite brand, Toyota has been sphere headed by its vision statement. The vision and mission statement emphasizes on the customers and how they are going to satisfy each client needs. The mission statement of this company clearly tells how it strategies about the future. Toyota being one of the biggest manufacturers in the world, it still adheres to what it’s required to do through the vision and mission statement.

The second company we will be looking at is McDonald’s. From its existence since 1955, McDonald has become a leader in the fast food industry globally. The company has been sphere headed by its vision and mission statements which are designed to ensure that quality is preserved in their goods and services (Ahmed Hassanien & Crispin Dale, 2014). The company is known to have more than 36,000 restaurants. McDonald’s vision caters for most of its aspects. For instance, it relies on market satisfaction by ensuring the customer’s experience was worthwhile. Its products are characterized through great foods that are of quality and tastes good. This shows that the approach to business is defined through how it is developed. The company plays a servant leadership role because its aim is to make sure that their customers are equally satisfied.

Compare and Contrast in the vision statement

The image of Toyota Company directs the company for its long-term existence so as to satisfy every client’s goal. The vision statement of Toyota is “Toyota will enrich lives by being responsible for the way people move by assuring the most reliable and fastest means of transport.” Toyota Company in return expects to see happy customers with smiles on their faces, and as a reward, the company will engage their talent to meet with every challenge they will encounter so as to make people believe in them (Los Angela’s Magazine, 2012). McDonald’s vision entails customer satisfaction by delivering the best burgers. Its vision statement also covers a broad range of business aspect so as to make sure the current trend is satisfied. It, therefore states its view as the component of contemporary customer experience. McDonald’s creates a good picture to all its clients by giving them a glimpse of what they expect tomorrow. Both Companies are customer oriented in a way that they strive to make sure that their clients are happy. Besides producing different products, both companies are committed to providing quality products to their customers

Compare and Contrast in the Mission Statement

The vision statement of Toyota Company makes sure that it covers all of its businesses so as to achieve a leadership reward globally. Toyota Company’s vision also focuses on environmental conservation techniques by improving its innovation in quality assurance while manufacturing their products (Adriana Rejc Buhovac, 2014). Toyota also makes sure that they have the best technology so as to achieve its aim to achieve, customer satisfaction, product quality and corporate social responsibilities.  McDonald mission tries to have an active presence in the community by being responsible and also by catering for the corporate social responsibilities. Both companies are seen to follow the culture in mission and vision. For instance, both are seen to be aiming in satisfying the business market.

Company’s Public reputation

Both companies are principled to make sure their customers are satisfied. The culture of making producing the best burgers in McDonald Company is to aim for return business and growth. McDonald culture of giving the best in terms goods and service has helped the company to be well renowned globally. Toyota also has the same culture of ensuring that the customers are well satisfied with the cars they make. With improved technology, the Company has guaranteed that they produce cars that are easy to use by their clients. In the human resource aspect, Toyota Company assures that it targets the talented and passionate people in the market so as to improve on product quality. The vision of Toyota is a bit holistic because it comprises strategized goals that are meant to cater human resource responsibility, corporate responsibilities, business leadership and product quality.

The mission of this company focuses on the products. The aim of this mission is to pertain its products regarding the firm in an automobile through technology. By this, Toyota designs cars that familiar and easy to use. Depending on the trends of the market, the Company follows the customer’s preferences and expectations. They also consider customer satisfaction by emphasizing quality products such as safety. As a brand, the company is so much concerned with their employee’s educational professionalisms so as to be able to deliver quality to the customers. Toyota also makes sure that they have the best technology so as to achieve its aim to achieve, customer satisfaction, product quality and corporate social responsibilities. Therefore, the both the mission and vision statements are holistic and aligned to each other.

McDonald’s also strives to make its eating place one of the best and favorites. McDonald also makes sure that the employees are working in favorable conditions so as to embrace a positive and vigorous attitude in the communities. The Company also makes sure that they promote cleanliness through their quality survive. MacDonald has a unique marketing strategy from its mission statement. It does this by assuring the customers that their restaurants are the most conducive place to dine.

Servant Leadership

Both companies have been successful because from when they started these companies, they have been practicing the servant leadership skills. The servant leadership is a skill where the employer takes care of the staff wellbeing. The advantage of this ability is that the company is rest assured that the customers will also be given a superb treatment. Toyota Company, for instance, promotes talent and passion to the employees. It is seen to not only employ the professionals from schools but also takes innovative young people who have fewer skills but have talent. Talent is tagged with passion. The company has become a success since individuals who work there love what they do.  McDonald’s also practices this kind of skill because they have entrusted their employees by allowing them to work in conducive environments. As a result, the company’s employees give one of the best services in their communities they are based in


Both companies are living proof from their commitments through missions and visions. For over twenty years now, both companies have grown known to be one of the strongest brands in the world. Toyota Company as we speak has been able to supply its product throughout the world and has also maintained its standards by giving the customer what they want. Through their advanced technology, Toyota has managed to produce different varieties of vehicles which are price friendly when it comes to maintenance. McDonald’s through their hard work and dedication has made the company to be well renowned. Despite the fact that they have not yet managed to open their branches worldwide, the company has maintained its brand through high quality in its goods and services.

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