Combining “Ain’t No Sunshine” By Bill Withers to the film “Almost Christmas”

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The song “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers should come in at 4:00 minutes in the film Almost Christmas (2016). The scene begins with Walter Meyers sitting on his bed in the morning during the Christmas Eve looking frail. He has a photo of his late wife in his hands. The piano chords played in this scene create the somber mood of the movie. This scene needs a song that can enhance emotions as other scenes unfold. The perfect song for this scene is “Ain’t No Sunshine.

            The song “Ain’t Not Sunshine” by Bill Withers defines the mood of the scene through its slow and sorrowful melody. The song lyrics have the blues attitude with the topic of losing love (Herbert 123). Bill Withers creatively wrote a song that demonstrates the loss that happens with the death of a loved one. The song brings out the message that love has gone and left no sunshine. The song describes how painful it is to lose a loved one, which explains the mood of the scene at 4:00 minutes. The structure of the song emotes the depression of Mr. Meyers in the repetition of the phrase “Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone.” The song continues to describe how empty life can be without a loved one, which is clearly seen in this scene.

            According to Buhler, David and Rob (75), a song acts as a connection between two scenes. “Ain’t No Sunshine” can help the viewer to understand the chronological events that happen in the movie. The song creates a connection between the romantic relationships in the previous scene to the sad state of Mr. Meyers. His wife Grace Meyers united the family during the Christmas seasons. He is alone in the house with all his children and grandchildren away. Christmas is a season full of love where families share meals and spend the holiday together.

What happens before Mr. Meyers frail scene is the evolution of his relationship with his family and wife, Grace. The movie starts with a foundation of their marriage from the earliest days of their life to finally Grace’s death.  This scene appears after a hat-tip of the Four Tops soul classic “Ain’t No Woman\ (Like the other I Got).” “Ain’t No Sunshine” is, therefore, a sense of continuity from the beginning to the next scene.

            “Ain’t No Sunshine” can be used to underline the psychological refinements in the scene that begins at 4:00. There is no speech in this scene since Mr. Meyers is alone on his bed 12 days to Christmas. According to Herbert (201), music helps the viewers to know the unspoken thought of different characters in the film. There are unseen implications of Grace’s death in the movie. However, viewers can see the sadness in Mr. Meyers’ face as he holds the picture of his late wife. The lyrics of the song show his speech and thoughts.

            In general “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers would be a perfect song for the scene at 4:00 minutes in the film Almost Christmas (2016). The song enhances the emotions that viewers can see in the scene through Mr. Meyers. This type of music also helps viewers understand the psychological refinements in the scene. Meyers is alone on his bed thinking about his state. However, viewers would want to know the unspoken thoughts in his mind through a song.

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