Coca-Cola Annual Report Analysis

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The 2016 annual report for Coca-Cola Company highlights the key brands that are sold by Coca-Cola. The concentrates are considered to be the main ingredients used in the Coca-Cola drinks as flavor element. O the other hand, the company launched sparkling beverages to add on the syrups. The sparkling beverages are presented as the beverages that are carbonated and are ready to drink, including flavored water (Archive of Annual and Other Reports – The Coca-Cola Company, 2017).

According to the report, the financial data provided indicate that there were slight loses in the total returns the company made regarding the sale of their products besides the shares sold. For instance, the net operating revenue for the company in 2016 was $41,863 while that for 2015 was $44,294.the report further indicates that the Coca-Cola Company is making progress in regarding diversity in such a way that there has been acquisitions that is contributing to the growing company. Being in a position to operate in about 200 countries globally, the company can be said to be attaining their goal and objectives which were focused on increasing their area of operation (Archive of Annual and Other Reports – The Coca-Cola Company, 2017). The brands that the company operates in have been licensed in all these countries indicating that the brand is has successfully gained grounds globally.

The growing company has put forth a number of goals and objectives that have to be met in the next financial year. These objectives include being a responsible brand that presents itself as a global citizen who is generally aware of the environment and driven by the desire to make a difference. The objective target the markets in the United States and other countries who value the need for ending unemployment while taking care of the environment. Besides, the company targets to manage people and money as well as time so that they can attain greater effectiveness. For instance, the operations at the company are aimed at ensuring that the employees are efficient and effective in completing their tasks under the minimum supervision that will demonstrate their responsibility towards the company and the society at large (Archive of Annual and Other Reports – The Coca-Cola Company, 2017). Also, the report indicates that the company aims at offering the people the best portfolio which entails beverage brands which will satisfy and anticipate the needs and the desires of the people. For instance, there has been campaigns of people trying to deal with obesity while remaining fit and healthy, and therefore, Coca-Cola, though such brands as Coke zero, will provide an alternative to such people who will find the brand sugar free.

Coca-Cola Company, at the annual meetings with the various stakeholders, outlined such issues that revolved around the core capabilities of the company. The consumer marketing issue that was dealt with at the meetings indicated that the company had designed marketing investments that were driven by enhancing consumer awareness besides increasing consumer preference for the company’s brands. As a result, the company developed a healthy relationship with its bottlers to develop a system in which the customers would be able to provide feedback concerning the products through the number that war embedded in the bottle tops. As a result, the integrated marketing focused on advertisements and sales promotion that made the brand memorable to the customers.

The stakeholders further dealt with the franchise leadership issue whereby the partnership between the company and the bottlers was discussed. As a result, the discussion revealed that the company and the bottlers would work together so as to produce and design models in which the market would receive appropriate shares of the value from the company.

The 2015 corporate social responsibility report indicate that the company is concerned with taking care of the environment in which it operates. For instance, the bottling partners recycle and reuse water to prevent water wastage at he places they are located. Furthermore, the report indicates that the company has developed training and development programs that am at ensuring that the employees improve their skills for both their area of operation and other sectors. Besides, the employees being provided with incentives like business trips that are funded by the company, Coca-Cola invests in building schools and funding educational programs through offering scholarships to the students from the community. As a result, the company demonstrates social responsibility in their location and other parts of the world.

The sustainability report for Coca-Cola indicates the company’s commitment to ensuring diversity in the skills disposable for the company through increasing the number of women employed at the company besides those in the top management. For instance, the women empowerment at the company that is encompassed in the Employee Engagement program at Coca-Cola offers the women with skills and knowledge the opportunity to make use of their services at the company (Corporate Sustainability Report | Coca-Cola GB, 2017). In addition, the sustainability report shows that the company has invested in the innovation sector at the company with an intension to attract and retain customers through the different spheres. The company has included technology in the design of drinks that will have high nutritional value while ensuring that the consumers do not experience obesity.

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