Employment and Education

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How is a student loan different from a scholarship?

A student loan must be paid back, but a scholarship is not paid back.

Student-specific scholarships are awarded to students who

are members of a certain group.

Completing the FAFSA could help decide whether a student

should receive student-specific financial aid.

Which educational institutions typically cost the most to attend?

private colleges

Which statement best explains a grant?

A grant is federal money awarded to a student.

Which statement describes an hourly wage job?

If an employer wants the employee to work more hours in a week, the result is a larger paycheck.

Which statement best defines tuition?

Tuition is the price of attending classes at a school.

Which statements correctly describe the FAFSA? Check all that apply.

It requires students to provide their financial information. It gives students access to money from the government. It helps determine whether a student needs financial aid.

This graph compares the total cost of attending educational institutions in Texas. The graph demonstrates that the cost at private and public

four-year universities greatly varies.

This graph shows student loan debt in the United States from 1994 to 2009. What trend does the graph demonstrate?

Students have taken out higher and higher loans since 1994.

This graph compares consumer expenditures in three American cities from 2007 to 2010. The best inference that can be made based on the graph is that

jobs in San Francisco may have higher salaries to offset the cost of living

Work-study is a program that includes

taking a school job to help pay for an education.

How is a federal loan different from a private loan for an education?

A federal loan is only available for students who show a need. A private loan is available for any student who meets the bank’s lending standards.

At an educational institution, the cost of room and board includes

housing and meals.

This graph compares the cost of room and board at educational institutions in Texas. This graph helps explain why

many students might choose an alternative living situation over paying room and board at a four year institution.

Which interest could best help someone become an athletic trainer?

understanding sports injuries

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