Economic Policy

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According to the scenario, what is the greatest economic challenge that Country D is facing?


Public policy can be best defined as

a course of action the government takes in response to an issue or problem.

The best conclusion that can be drawn from the graph is that the number of nonfarm jobs

started going down in 2008.

When an economy suffers from low production, a country cannot

enjoy a steady rate of economic growth.

Based on the scenario, who is most affected by the situation taking place within Country D?

the government, workers, and businesses of Country D

Which of these statements describes what the diagram is showing?

Economic policy must reach a balance between needs and ideals.

In a free enterprise system, what are the goals of government? Check all that apply.

to ensure safety for its citizens to ensure that citizens’ needs are met to solve the problem of poverty to ensure that the market is fair

Which of these policies would a government take when it comes to employment?

ensuring that as many workers are employed as possible

Which is the best label for the first step in the process?

Identify a problem.

A government’s monetary policy is its plan to control

the money supply.

In a free enterprise system, governments address public problems through policy to ensure that

citizens’ needs are met and protected.

Rules ensuring that businesses offer safe products to consumers are part of a nation’s

regulatory policy.

An organization whose members have a common cause for which they seek to influence public policy is called an _________

interest group

Economic interdependence means that economic policies must balance the needs of

governments, individuals, and businesses.

Which generalization best describes the information provided by this graph?

NOT By 2012, the United States had solved its economic problems.

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