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Discussion on Role of Music in Film

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Music plays a major role in the film especially when it comes to the emotional parts of a movie or even the enhancement of the plot. For this reason, directors tend to consider the music that suits the film. A good soundtrack can have eccentric effects for the viewers if it appropriately accompanies the designated film. Trevor Alfred James, a renowned score composer, took an active part in the development of the movie score “Promontory.” This particular composition turned out to be one of the most popular soundtracks acclaimed for its depth as well as emotion.

In the early years precisely the 80s, movies were accompanied mostly by sounds that were designed and packaged specifically for mass audience appeal. It was a splendid era for those with “ears.” This is because outlandish hair rock was popular and so were the gigantic movie anthems. Similarly, the introduction of classic rhythm and blues was eminent. A good example is the film Flashdance in 1983 which had a pop soundtrack (Empire, 2016). Some of these soundtracks came to be classics. A close analysis reveals that the Promontory is significantly different from the earlier films. In this particular score, the composers utilized a combination of both orchestral and electronic instruments, creating what some call the best inspiring soundtrack with a classic appeal. Unlike the earlier approach that appeals to the masses, this music beautifies and intensifies the storyline of the film, rousing emotions that go hand in hand with the events. Likewise, its composition varies from the earlier electronic and classical genre by uniquely incorporating orchestra, and electronic instruments bringing about a mixture of classical, sentimental, and ambient atmosphere; a sign of new and advanced realms (Mueller, 2017).

As such, the soundtrack is a distinctive piece from previous ones and its use to exemplify the film creates an intensity that has remained years after the movie was produced.




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