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Dermatology Nurses’ Association (DNA)

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Dermatology Nurses’ Association is a professional outfit for nurses in the dermatological care. The organization aims to enhance excellence and practice in dermatological care. As DNA is revered for its pool of expertise and publicity, customers and patients look up to it for up-to-date information related to dermatological care, skin health and disease interventions (About DNA, 2016).

Benefits of Membership to DNA

Membership to Dermatology Nurses’ Association (DNA) offers a wide range of benefits. For the professional perspective, the members will have access to educational programs by the organization, for example, the member will be enrolled for an in-person and online career enhancement conventions and conferences. Through this, the members get important facts, figures and knowledge they can utilize to enhance their careers. Members get certifications for their expertise which boosts their professional profile. Furthermore, the members have access to scholarship, grants and awards through the DNA’s Recognition Program.

Available Opportunities and Obtaining a Position to Serve within DNA

DNA members serve as educators, experts and advisors in health initiatives to provide the dermatological nursing perspective in the initiative. One can volunteer in the DNA communities to get to manage and implement health initiatives by the organization in maintaining quality dermatological care (Beroukhim & Nguyen, 2015). The various positions, especially the DNA boards is mainly by volunteership and/or direct appointment. Members are encouraged to participate in these committees to groom their leadership skills in their area of expertise.


Political Issues DNA is Involved in and How It Works within the Political System

DNA is involved in championing the nurses’ issue in the political world. Some of the issues include addressing the nurses’ shortage by the government, improving the working conditions and equipment for dermatological care, and even amass support for the National Nurse Act to improve public health. DNA presents the concerns of the nurses in the Congress and even the state and fighting for every chance to empower the dermatological nurses and improve the general practice and care on the local and national front.

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