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Definition of terms

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1. Colonization

Colonization relates to the establishment of a colony in a land, which is not the homeland. As such, this colony affects the social activities and endeavors of the community where it colonizes. This is important since it helps in understanding how the lives of people are changed by the colonizers.
2. Diaspora

Diaspora relates to a population, which lives in a land that is not its original homeland. As such, it relates to the massive movement or dispersion of individuals from their natural environment to another locality and integration to the host country. Diaspora is important in the studies because it helps in comprehending the nature of social activities and practices established by a given community.
3. Syncretism

Syncretism relates to getting different beliefs and ideologies and combining them to have a common and unique thing. It relates to culture and art combination to have a unifying factor, which could be used by the larger population of people in the community. This term affects the transformation and evolution of the different genres of music in society.
4. History of steel drum development

During the period of World War II, steel drums were invented in Trinidad Island. As such, these instruments can be traced to the African slaves who had been put in the island by the owners of the French and Spanish plantation in the sixteenth century. The African slaves used these drums for music as a link to their native nations. This depicts the origin of the highly utilized musical instrument in society.
5. Highland vs.Uillean pipes compare and contrast

            The uillean pipes development occurred approximately 1700’s while the highland pipes development is approximated at 1500’s and 1800’s. The uillean pipes have chromatic octaves, are complex and elaborate, and are inflated by bellows. On the other hand, the highland pipes have only one octave, are elaborate, and are blow by mouth.

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