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Consumer Behavior

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Consumers buying behavior depends on series of factors that form the basis for their purchasing decisions. Over the years, ads have been the most influencing component of business advertising leading to higher purchases of particular products by different consumers around the world. Nevertheless, the current environment shows impactful ads failing to convert into purchase consideration as seen in Buzz criterion during this year’s Super Bowl.

              The buying patterns of consumers have changed, and their components of decision-making do not depend on the appeals of different ads that marketers and business organizations portray. The current trends in consumer culture have also made it difficult for ads such as the ones Buzz criterion air in super platforms such as the Super Bowl does not convert to purchase consideration. The Internet-inspired atomization of consumer culture plays a fundamental role in influencing purchase decisions.

              Furthermore, the brands did not convert to purchase consideration due to a large number of brands that go through the advertisements and consumers find it difficult to notice some of them. As such as, it is difficult for some of the brands to stand out in a crowded field of competitors. Despite all the existing striking elements of a brand being on the Super Bowl, it has a huge amount of confusion as people get to see close to 60 to 70 ads as well as network promo spots.

            Besides, the ads possibly did convert into purchase consideration as they failed to address the varied needs of potential consumers, failure to relate with the customers, targeting wrong audiences as well as the lack of a strong call for action. In short, the reasons mentioned above explain why the most impactful brands such as Busch, Google, and Anheuser did not convert to purchase consideration.


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